Mr Charming

Mr. Charming is a 12.5 year old Chinese boy who has been in America for just over 2 years. He came from a large orphanage with 700-800 children and loves to be around people. His current family of 4 lives on a farm in a rural area. He was home-schooled his first year at home, but spent his second school year in second grade at a local, small Christian school where he thrived. He got the perfect attendance award and also several academic awards. He is an excellent student, especially with reading and spelling and works hard at most things. Mr. “C”’s personality lights up a room and he never meets a stranger. He enjoys church and other activities where he can be with people. He is kind to other children and adults and respects others’ things. While he will pet and care for animals, he does not seem to particularly want a pet, although his current family has a pet dog and cat along with multiple farm animals which he is routinely around.

Mr. “C” loves music and singing and has an excellent auditory memory. He has done well in transitioning to becoming an American and always wanted to be in America, especially for the hamburgers and pizza. He eats practically anything, is responsible for all of his personal care needs, and likes to be helpful and carry in groceries or help clean in the house.

About one year after coming to the States, the current family noticed that he had matured rapidly in a short span of time. After meeting with an endocrinologist at a children’s hospital it was confirmed that he is biologically approximately 1.5 to 2 years older than stated. The known medical need was Nystagmus of the eye. However, after about a year here, he suffered 2 seizures in one day. He has been on medication for one year for this and has not had a seizure since. Through testing and follow-up of these medical needs, it was also discovered that Mr. “C” has some brain damage. He has also been diagnosed both formally and informally with Reactive Attachment Disorder. He had begun attachment/ play therapy immediately after coming to the states.

The current family has seen wonderful things from this young boy, but the attachment issues seem to be the hardest to help him manage. He responds well to everyone but mom. He is high-functioning and is not violent. He just loves people and is happiest when he is with others. The current living situation is a rural setting with a home-school family and the nearest grocery store 25 minutes away. Mr. “C” ‘s current family can see that in the future he would best succeed in a family with more of a close community and lots of resources nearby for children like Mr. “C” which would allow him to live independently someday.

The current family would like for Mr. “C” to find a loving Christian home where he will either be among other children or with adults who will give him the interaction he desires. He really is a joy to be around and deserves another chance at connecting with a family.

Thank you for taking the time to read about Mr Charming. If you fee like you could be that special family for him, please contact me at

Thank you so much, Mom