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Micah was adopted from China as an older, aging out child of the system.  Our family felt called to bring him home and give him the love of a family that he very much deserved and needed.  Micah is deaf and has a few other special needs that are easily managed and non-life threatening.  We would be willing to discuss his other special needs to any family that seems genuinely interested, we just want to respect his privacy.  Micah came into our family out of birth order.  Micah is the oldest (age 15) with a younger brother (age 13) and two younger sisters (ages 8 and 11).  Our current family dynamics is a challenge for Micah and we believe he would thrive the most where he was either the youngest family member or as an only child, and ideally with a family that has a solid communication base in ASL.

We received little detail on his prior education in China.  We do know that he spent roughly 4 years in a boarding school setting during the approximate ages of 9-13.  Micah is currently enrolled as a Freshman at the local deaf school.  He enjoys attending school and being acclimated within the deaf community while at school throughout the week.

Micah enjoys sports in general as well as any physical activities. He likes to be playful and can have a good sense of humor too.  An outstanding character trait Micah has is that he enjoys to work, help or constructively contribute to a cause of any kind – this helps him find his “center”.  This is a tremendous quality not always seen in children today, let alone teenagers.  He has a healthy appetite and seems to enjoy all foods (yes, including vegetables and fruits).

Micah is a good kid and has a kind heart:  he likes to help others, work hard and have fun and be active.  The challenges Micah needs help overcoming are more emotional wounds from the past and brining up his level of communication so that he can more effectively express his emotions.

Here’s some things that Micah is interested in:

Basketball (he’s on a basketball team at school)

  • Riding bike/push scooter/roller skating
  • Archery
  • Legos
  • Origami
  • Rainbow Loom (making bracelets / working with his hands)
  • Word Search Puzzles

Serious inquiries only and home study approved and ready families.

Please email for more information.



Sanniyah is a pretty light skinned 10-year-old girl. Her dob is 7/24/07. Sanniyah lights up the room when she walks in, with her long pretty hair and pretty smile. Sanniyah was 1 1/2 when she was removed from her bio mom. Sanniyah lived with one couple for 6 months and then moved to another foster home where she lived for five years. Sanniyah came to live with us in Feb/2015. Sanniyah was behind academically because the foster parents really weren’t big on education. Sanniyah received tutoring and started doing homework with assistance. Now Sanniyah can do her homework on her own. I did ask for Sanniyah to be moved to a smaller class, because it was too much distractions with a classroom of 30. Sanniyah now is in a self-contained class where she receives more attention and I am proudly to say that she has earned her first a/b honor roll on her report card. Sanniyah is a bright little girl and just needed that extra push. Spelling and Science is her favorite subject. I couldn’t tell you the last time she scored less than a 100 on her spelling test. Sanniyah does have some challenges. We found out that Sanniyah had been sexual abused by her foster dad while she was in the foster home. Sanniyah receives trauma focused therapy for this. Sanniyah currently is in a therapeutic foster home.Sanniyah needs a mom that is patient and very loving. I would suggest no younger kids in the home with Sanniyah. Sanniyah can be impulsive at times and not think before she reacts. Sanniyah loves puzzles and anything that she has to put together. (manipulatives). With a lot of love Sanniyah will do well.




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Brittany (not her real name) is a 14-year-old girl who was adopted from China in October 2016. She just started the 8th grade at the local middle school. Her teachers say that she smiles frequently and is well-liked by most other students. Due to her lack of education in China, we are concentrating on English and math skills this year, as well as an elective class in Yoga.

Brittany has mild CP. She is mobile, can take care of her own needs, speaks clearly, and seems able to learn. She has balance issues but has learned to adapt fairly well. Her IEP at school provides her with weekly physical therapy and her yoga class is helping her as well. Overall, Brittany is healthy and enjoys a variety of foods.

Brittany enjoys helping in the kitchen, talking with anyone who will listen, loves music, and enjoys art projects. Her interests are in looking pretty and cute things. She likes puzzles. She enjoys knitting and is slowly getting better at it. She is always up for a movie (current favorite is Tinkerbell) and her favorite cartoon is She-Ra. Brittany enjoys video games. Right now she is practicing each day at Wii Sports basketball’s three point contest so that she can beat mama’s high score. She says that her favorite color is red but she always picks out pink clothes when we go shopping!

Brittany likes cats and tries to make friends with our cat, petting him and talking with him. She loves dogs and is excited to see our family therapist’s dog during our sessions. Brittany loves little children and lights up when we see toddlers at church. She has asked for mama to have a baby so that she has a little sister to take care of. Brittany is the youngest in our family and really wishes that she could be a big sister.

We are seeking a new family for Brittany who can give her the attention and energy she needs to fulfill her potential. We believe that Brittany has an attachment disorder as she has not attached to anyone in our family. We have one other daughter, also adopted, who has many challenges of her own and is sabotaging Brittany’s chances at learning true attachment. Brittany deserves a family who adores her and who can provide the right family environment for her to grow.

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