Allen is a 9-year-old boy who was adopted from an Eastern European country 4 years ago at age 5. His previous adoption was legally complete in 2013 and he is a US citizen. His known needs at the time of adoption included hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy and Kartagener Syndrome (a condition that leads to frequent respiratory, sinus, and ear infections). He has not had any upper respiratory infections since coming home, but sinus infections have been fairly frequent. Since coming home his family has discovered that he has many more needs. His current diagnoses include: fetal alcohol syndrome, autism, intellectual disability, ADHD, Kartagener Syndrome, sensory processing disorder, and Perthes Disease.

He has bonded well with his adoptive father and a sister, but exhibits aggression to his mother. He will pinch, bite, scratch, hit and headbutt and will seek his mother out just to do these behaviors. He will pinch or scratch other family members only if they attempt to move him away from something that he wants. Because of his father’s occupation he is away from the home many hours during the week which leaves the burden of care on his mother who struggles with her own chronic health issues. Allen’s behaviors are challenging and isolating for the family; and his parents have started to see behavioral problems and aggression with two other children in the home and a third child is struggling with depression.

In the state that they family resides disabled children do not automatically qualify for Medicaid or any other supports. His family does not qualify for any assistance, and have had to pay for his therapies, surgeries, and other needs out of pocket. With no savings left, and having exhausted all possibilities of receiving Medicaid, respite, or other supports the family is struggling to make ends meet and still provide Allen with the intensive therapy and medications that would allow him to reach his best potential.

Allen is currently enrolled in 3rd grade in a special education classroom. He does well in the structured school environment and made great progress in his IEP goals during the last school year. He is starting to use an ACD to communicate. Despite the aggression he shows to his mother, he has recently started to show affection as well. He will climb on your lap to ask for back rubs and will give kisses when asked. Allen has a smile that lights up the room, and will giggle excitedly during preferred activities. He was finally able to get into an ABA program this summer, and has made some good gains. Unfortunately, his current family will not be able to continue with ABA because of the cost. His favorite activities are watching movies on his iPad, jumping on the trampoline, and going to the pool.

We would like to find a new adoptive home for Allen where he would be able to receive benefits and be provided with the therapies/ABA that he needs to thrive; and the respite/in home supports that a family needs to be strong with a special son.  We would prefer a family in a state that provides excellent services for children with special needs, but a family in Texas will be considered if they are able to qualify for Medicaid/Medicaid waiver programs.

We would like to receive updates and pictures from his new family, and future contact if it would not be disruptive. We believe that a family with experience in special needs would be the best fit for him. There are no specific preferences regarding age of parents or family size, so long as he can receive the care and attention he deserves.

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