Glenn & Estrella Knutson
— Maryland

Our Family:
My husband and I are early middle age and have been together for 10 years. We work as school teachers at a small Christian school in Salisbury, Maryland. I also work in the fitness industry as a personal trainer and group exercise instructor. We are both very active as leaders in our church; leading bible studies, serving on the music team and being part of the church board.

Our Desire to Adopt:
My husband Glenn and I are LPs (dwarfism). Our heart is to adopt a waiting dwarf child. We feel that we have much to speak into the life of a child who is facing the same challenges that we have faced.

Our Faith in Christ:
I accepted the Lord as a young girl and was raised attending a strong bible believing church. The Lord is truly my Redeemer, my faithful King and Father and the fulfiller of my heart’s desires.

Dear Birth Parent(s)
I know that you are facing one of the most difficult decisions of your life. I can not begin to imagine the emotions you are going through. I do know that some how God has a plan. I can also say from my heart that any child in our home would be showered with love and respect. My husband and I will give everything we have to meet all physical, emotional and spiritual needs. Our home will always be a safe place in every way. It will never be taken lightly that we were considered worthy of having the precious gift of a child placed in our home.