Vince & Maggie, and Houtari Family
— Indiana

Our Family:
We are a family of five which includes Vince, Maggie, Donovan, Meagan and Brayden.

Our Desire to Adopt:
We believe that we would be a great family for a special needs child since we already have experience with special needs.

Our Faith in Christ:
We all believe in God the Father and Jesus his son. We pray daily and read the word of the Lord. Unfortunately Donovan and Brayden have a difficult time handling the singing and sitting that is involved with church, so we don’t attend a church, but we still believe in Christ.

Dear Birth Parent(s),
Hello, we are Maggie and Vince. We have three children, Donovan, Meagan, and Brayden. We understand that you are trying to provide your child with a loving home which offers him or her a bright future and world of opportunities. As you read our letter, we hope that you will come to know that our family is the perfect home for your
precious baby, and that God gives you strength and wisdom during this difficult time.

We live in a small town and would love to add another child to our family.

I, Maggie, am a Christian, Nurse, Mom, wife, and many other things. I have the best job in the whole world. I am a NICU nurse and care for premature infants, infants that need help with breathing, and infants that are going through withdraw. My favorites are the withdraw infants because all they want is to be loved and held, and I can do that for them. I believe that you should treat everyone as you want to be treated. I put others above myself. What is best for my family and others is the most important thing to me. I have watched my three children grow and become great Christian people. I love to help them with homework and projects. I enjoy watching them play sports, and helping them spend their free time. As a wife I have learned many things. I have learned how to relax and take things in. I have learned compromise, and, most importantly, I have felt love that I never knew was possible. Love is what the bible says is most important, and I am blessed with love all around me.

Vince is my husband of 16 years. He is a wonderful and caring man. He is the comic relief of our family. My children say that dinner time is boring with Dad not there to tell jokes. My husband has a huge heart. He installs TV service in many homes during the day. He comes home and tells us of how he wishes he could bring home children and animals that are not being treated correctly. He gets upset when he feels anyone or any living being is not treated fairly. If it were up to him our house would be busting at the seams with animals and children. He is the sweetest man I have ever met. He makes my lunch for me and leaves me little love notes in with my sandwich. I also many times find a letter taped to the steering wheel of my car. We have a great love and understanding of each other, and I wouldn’t want to be with anyone else.

Donovan is our oldest of the three children. His is 15 years old but isn’t your typical 15 year old. He isn’t into music, cars, and girls. He enjoys playing with Yugioh cards and regularly participates in tournaments. He is very protective of his little brother and sister. He is mildly autistic, but you probably wouldn’t be able to tell. He is an awesome kid and we wouldn’t change him for the world.

Meagan is the middle child and the only girl. She is active in sports and an excellent student. She plays volleyball and softball. She is also great at helping her little brother. She loves to help him do his homework. She loves to read and listen to music. She and I have been to two Taylor Swift concerts. Meagan is a wonderful caring girl who would love to have another brother or sister to love.

Last but not least is Brayden. Brayden is six. He is a first grader, who loves to read, play video games, and run until he passes out. Brayden is also mildly autistic. Brayden just got potty trained within the last month. He would really like to have a brother or sister to play with. He wants to share his room and have someone he can teach how to play video games.

We also have three animals in our family. We have a dog, Belle, an English golden retriever. She is a sweet dog and doesn’t jump on people She loves to be walked and loves to play outside with the kids. We also have two cats. Bella is a tabby cat that is 3 years old. She loves to be petted and held. We also have Daisy that is a rag doll. She is very loving.

As a family we enjoy bowling and swimming. Every year we go to a water park for vacation. We have an above ground pool in the back yard where we all spend most of the summer. We love playing games at night. Board games and card games are fun for all of us. We do pray daily as a family.

Both Vince and I both work, but we work different schedules so that one of us is always home with the children. I work mostly weekends so I can be home during the week to transport children here and there and to help with homework. Vince’s schedule changes daily so it makes it difficult for us to know when he will be home. If for some reason we both work the same day, Vince’s mom (Grandma) watches the children. Grandma raised four boys of her own and is a retired EMT. The kids love Grandma.

If you choose our family we promise you that your child will be loved. He or she will be well taken care of and all of their needs will be met. They will know who God and Jesus are and they will learn to depend on them during times of trouble. We pray that you can find comfort in your decision. We would be happy to send you letters and photographs, letting you know how your child is getting along, if you wish.