McLeod Family

Nicholas and Kristin McLeod – Missouri

Our Family:
Nicholas is in the National Guard and is a welder by trade, Kristin works at home with the children and home schools. Our daughter can’t wait to have a little sister. We have twin boys and our surprise, baby Gregory. Our 4 children love playing with each other and doing school at the table. Our oldest has solar urticaria which means she has to stay inside a lot. One of our twins is nonverbal autistic with sever food allergies. Our youngest has mild hearing loss. We have three kitties Prophet, Petra, and Smokey. Our kitty Petra has prosthetic hips and will chase you through the house if you don’t pet her. We also have a lovable Labrador “Peach” who loves to play ball. Our hobbies include reading, sewing, gardening, taking walks, going thrift shopping and camping at grandma and grandpas farm.
Our Desire to Adopt:
We want to bring a child into our home because we would like another daughter. We would really like a child with a hearing loss but are open to other children. Hearing loss is in our family so we are familiar with sign language. Autism is also in our family so we are ok with that as well. We feel we have a lot of love to share and we enjoy children. We have so much love to give we believe every child needs a forever home sometimes it takes a village to raise a child we would like to be that village
Our Faith:
We are conservative Christians, we live pretty simply. We believe in the Holy Trinity.
Dear birthparents,
We understand how hard this time is for you. We understand how hard it is to ask for help but we all need a hand here and there. Our home is warm and welcoming, pull up a seat, get to know us and let me get you a cup of tea. Our hearts and arms are always open. We feel our hearts and home are big enough for another child and will give all our children, no matter where they come from a chance for a wonderful future. If you do decide our home is where your child would be happy know that it will be loved and accepted everywhere they go. Know that chasing chickens barefoot and eating tomatoes fresh off the vine are in your child’s future. We pray for you and your family. My wife and I look forward to hearing from you and hope to give a waiting child a forever home.
Please contact CHASK through phone or email to get in contact with us. #208-267-6246 or