Kip & Jolene, and Jackson Family
— Wisconsin

Our Family:
Our family is a country living farming family (complete with all the farm animals).
We are a strong Christian family. We are all bi-lingual English and America Sign Language, also one daughter is taking 3rd year Spanish classes, and another daughter is taking 1st year Chinese.

Our Desire to Adopt:
I have been a professional ASL interpreter for many years, have worked with the Deaf and have many Deaf friends. All the family signs, and we already have 2 Deaf children in our home. It would be a natural fit for a Deaf child to be added to our family. Even many of our extended family are learning ASL, and many of our hearing friends also.

Our Faith in Christ:
It is the most important thing in our lives. It is what guides and shapes our view of the world around us. We are completely sold out to living by the Word of God and compelled by the love of God to honor Him in all we do and say.

Dear Birth Parent(s),
We want to first of all thank you for the gift of life you chose to give your child. I also want you to know that there are many reasons why you may be in the situation you are in right now or why you are considering giving your child to a new family; it may be just circumstances, you might be victimized due to no fault of your own, or you may have made some bad choices… But whatever the situation God knows and still loves you. He will be there for you helping and guiding you through this and every day of your life if you will let Him. Your situation is no harder for Him to change nor your sins any harder for Him to forgive than that of anyone else. SO don’t allow Satan to cause you to be lost in feelings of condemnation or depression, because He loves you.

Whether you would choose us to raise your child or not I just want to say “thank you” for giving your child life and caring enough to give them a better future.

God bless you
Pastor Kip & Jolene Jackson