Stephen and Rachel Rinehart

Steven & Rachel Rinehart – Indiana

Dear Birth Parent(s),
We have been praying for you! Thank you for choosing LIFE for your baby! We have not walked in your shoes, but know it can’t be an easy road. To be filled with so much love and yet loving your baby more than yourself. You are making a very brave decision. And while we are filled with JOY of imagining him or her joining our family, our hearts are also filled with sadness for the loss you must feel. We do not know what the future will look like, but we would very much like to have you a part of it. Thank you for reading a small part about our family. Thank you for considering giving us the gift of helping to raise your sweet babe.

I had a cousin with Down syndrome. Seth has since gone to heaven. But I will never forget those awesome hugs he gave. My aunt and uncle adopted Seth through foster care when I was younger. Growing up with Seth in our family was normal to me. It was only after I had grown up a little that I realized we were the lucky ones! Adoption is also a part of Stephen’s family. We have learned so much through the journeys of his siblings. And while we thought adoption was a beautiful thing, we never really saw ourselves pursuing it. But when God changes hearts, it’s a pretty cool thing! We have a total of 8 nieces and nephews that have been adopted through foster care and internationally. We have had front row seats to watching a sibling group of five become a part of Stephen’s sister’s family. Our children love having so many cousins! Our family is now full of diversity. We fully believe you do not have to look like someone to be family! Your child would have African American and Samoan cousins! Since starting this journey I have made many friends in the DS community. There seems to be so much life and support and joy there and I am excited to be a part of it. Three years ago, at a MOPS meeting, I met a mama of a DS little girl. And while I didn’t know the importance of the friendship God was preparing me for such a time as this! She has been a huge support in navigating all the resources in our local community. Through social media I have met and read so many families stories. We plan to attend our local Down Syndrome Buddy Walk and look forward to meeting many more families in the area.

Stephen and I were married young, in 2001. We have 3 children. Malachi is 8 1/2, Eliza is nearly 6, and Eden is nearly 2. We own a small business and specialize in spray foam insulation. God has really blessed Stephen’s efforts and we are grateful for the growth. We are an active family that loves the outdoors. We live on part of Stephen’s parent’s 100 acre farm. So plenty of adventures to be had! We have a boat and love to go to the lake all summer long. We enjoy vacations whenever we are able. Family relationships are very important to us. So we spend a lot of time with our parents and siblings. We are social people, so sitting around on weekends rarely happens! We do not claim to be perfect, but are continually being refined by our Living God.

God changes hearts! We’ve had a front row seat to family and friends adopting around us. But never felt the desire to ourselves. But God has been tending our hearts preparing us. Through various people advocating for DS babies on social media we’ve been feeling the call. We had to talk through lots of feelings and pray about it. But it just wouldn’t leave. We (including our children) are now very excited to meet this new little person God has planned for our family! His ways are perfect and we Praise Him while we wait!

We both grew up in conservative Christian homes and have since left that denomination. We both came to saving knowledge of Jesus Christ as teenagers. While we know God placed us in our families and we are thankful for our heritage, we didn’t believe in many of the customs. We are thankful for a growing relationship with Christ and his work in our lives. We attend and are involved in a bible believing church. We treasure the fellowship we have there and are blessed to have the counsel of Godly people.

Please contact CHASK through phone or email to get in contact with us. #208-267-6246 or