Roesler Family

Brian and Tobi Roesler – Missouri

Our Family:
We are a fun-loving, Christ-focused family. Brian and Tobi have been married for 17 years and have been blessed with 4 biological children and 1 adopted child. Brian works as the Director of Transportation for an auto parts company as well as a Staff Sergeant and Infantry Squad Leader in the Army National Guard. He is a hands-on dad who shares his love of being outdoors and hunting with our kids by taking them biking, camping, hunting, boating, swimming, and fishing. He always has a willingness to teach them skills such as gardening, yard-work, and vehicle repairs. He spends time talking with them about their faith journeys and teaches them about Jesus. Our children look forward to having Brian come home from work so they can share about their day as well as get hugs or snuggle time. Brian shows his love and dedication to our kids by being at their sporting and music events, checking in with them about school and being a part of the daily activities of their lives. Tobi is an amazing mother. She is always caring and compassionate. She shows children love in all situations and is always able to help them through difficult times. She has creative ways of engaging children at all levels and works to teach them life skills. Our children have learned to care for others through watching her. Tobi cares for our family as a homemaker as a stay-at-home mom.

Our children range in age from 23 months to 15 years of age. We love that they each have their own unique passions and interests, but we also make up a family that supports, encourages and loves one another. All of our children are encouraged to pursue their talents and gifts. So, on any given week throughout the year, you can find us at piano lessons, youth group activities at church, praise team rehearsals, football/basketball/baseball practices and games, choir & band concerts, marching competitions and Sunday school. We work hard to balance our family schedule so that we have time at home, too. We cherish our family meal times, game nights and family vacations.

Our Desire to Adopt:
We feel that we are called by God to adopt into our home any child who is in need of a forever family. This seed was originally planted in me (Tobi) with my own family, having three adopted siblings. One of my brothers, Ian was a special needs adoption due to his extreme medical needs. I was part of the care-taking team for the initial medical needs due to a Hickman catheter providing life-giving nutrition. I not only saw the blessing of a loving family and how it sped up the healing and growing process for my brother, but also experienced the blessing of sharing life with a “special needs” child. The experience opened my mind, increased my compassion and encouraged me to grow as a sister and ultimately as a person.

Our extremely positive experience of the special needs adoption of our son has confirmed that we are not only able, but we are called to adopt children that may need extra help, attention or medical care. In addition to gastrochesis (the intestines external at birth), Elijah was born missing a left foot and webbing on his right hand. At birth, the medical staff suspected him of mental abnormalities due to a brain scan that showed deformation. We have been thrilled to see our son’s progress and healing. He has become a shining example of a “best case scenario.” Although he has speech delays, he shows no developmental delays. He has taken to his prosthetic easily and is physically meeting every developmental marker. Our family has been made richer in love as a result of our son’s adoption. He has been an enormous blessing to our family. We cannot imagine life without him!

We have decided to adopt for the second time because our family is full of love, and we know that there are faces missing around our dinner table. I (Tobi) grew up in a family with three adopted siblings. Having such a unique family of origin we always knew that there would be room for adopted children in this family. We feel that now is the time for another new face to join our caring family.

Our Faith in Christ Jesus:
We are life-long believers in Jesus Christ who strive to live a Godly life by participating actively in our church family, reading our Bibles and praying continually. Our faith gives us strength, wisdom and guidance for our life journey.

Dear Birth Parent(s):
Thank you for this opportunity to introduce our family to you. We can only imagine that the journey you are on is a very difficult one. We hope that this glimpse of our family may give you both peace and encouragement about the decisions that lay ahead.

Your child will be raised with many people to love and care for them. We are close with our extended family and there are lots of aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents excited to share their love with your baby. We have a community of friends and family who have also adopted children into their home who are committed to sharing this journey with our family and your child. Your child will be raised to know God by sharing life with our church family and surrounded by unconditional love.

We have always known that we would grow our family through adoption. It is a calling that we heard early in our married life, and are blessed to be able to follow that calling. Through the blessing of adoption, our lives are better, richer and more loving. We are excited to be able to share this blessing with another child, and we are committed to providing for your child with a lifetime of love, joy, blessings and laughter.

We are praying for you and your child. The decisions ahead are difficult ones, and we pray that you may feel God’s peace along the way.

God’s Blessings,
Brian & Tobi