Robert & Dina, and Henry Family
— North Carolina

Our Family:
We live on a small farm in NC, we only have the 13 year old at home. My husband is a pilot and I teach special education.

Our Desire to Adopt:
I teach special education and have seen that many special needs kids still can reach their full potential in the right setting.

Our Faith in Christ:
We are believers and believe Jesus died for our sins.

Dear Birth Mom,
I am sorry that you are having to make this tough decision about adoption and hope that you can feel God’s loving arms around you. Please know that there are many people out there that will support you during this time. If you choose my family , I will consider your child a gift from God. I encourage you to find a good support network and if you choose us we would would love to stay in contact with you.

God Bless you,
Robert and Dina Henry