Brandon & Meagan, and Cline Family
— Mississippi

Our Family:
My husband and I have been married 8 years. We have a son who was born with multiple special needs. We are honored God chose us to be his parents just as we will be honored if your chose us to be your child’s parents. I am a registered neonatal nurse and my husband a teacher. We are a Christian family that feels led to adopt a child with special needs. We feel we have the love and resources to provide the best home possible for your child.

Our Desire to Adopt;
We feel God has called upon us to adopt a special needs child. We have one biological child with moderate to severe special needs. We are blessed to have him treated by the best doctors in the world for his condition. I am fortunate enough to work part-time so that I can provide him with the most love possible. If we are chosen we will provide a child with the best care, most love and affection possible.

Our Faith in Christ:
We believe God sent his son, Jesus, to die as the ultimate sacrifice for believers like us. This is the only way we have any hope of reaching heaven. While Christ was on this earth, he made it a point to love children, especially orphans and widows. Jesus said several times there is nothing more precious than a child. We feel as Christians we are called to do the same. No matter what “special need” the child has we will love them with our entire heart, just as Jesus does us.

Dear Birth Parent(s),

Dear precious Birth Mom,

My heart is aching knowing the decision you are about to make. I know it is one of the hardest you will make in your life. I want you to know my husband and I will provide your child with the best care and most love possible. We will love them like our own child, no matter what the circumstance. I am a Registered Neonatal Nurse, and my husband is a teacher. I am fortunate to work part-time so I can spend each day with your precious child. We do have one child with moderate special needs. We will treat your child just as we treat him. We will give them kisses everyday, love them with our entire hearts and treat them like the gift they are.

We feel each child is a gift from God and should be seen for how special they are not for the special needs they have. We will provide your child with the best home and healthcare possible. Your child will never doubt how much they are loved. Through experiences with our son and my Neonatal Intensive Care experience we will provide your child with not only the best mental care, but best physical care too. We feel fortunate that you are reading this and considering us. Please know we understand this is a hard decision for you. We want you to have no doubt in your decision choosing us.

The Cline Family