Greg & Kim, and Smith Family
— South Carolina

Our Family:
We have five children, ages 15, 12, 11, 8, and 5. We are a family who loves being together. Whether it is at home, at the beach, pool, or out with family and friends, we enjoy being there together as a family.

Our Desire to Adopt:
Our youngest daughter has spina bifida. She has been one of our greatest blessings in life and has reminded each of us to always look at the hearts of others rather than their outward appearances.

Our Faith in Christ:
We believe that God sent His only son to live on this earth as a man, knowing that He would suffer a death on the cross in order to forgive us of our sins so that we may one day live with Him.

Dear Birth Parent(s)
I always thought how tough it would be to write a letter to someone you had never been able to meet about something so dear to both hearts. I can’t think of anything more dear to our hearts than our children and our family. I know that you must feel the same way or you wouldn’t be reading this letter. We have two daughters whom we adopted from China. We will never have the opportunity to share with them our love for our daughters, who were their daughters first. What and how they are doing. They are only five and eight now, but one day they will have questions that we will never have the answers to, no matter how badly we want those answers for them. We love our children with all of our hearts. We want for each of them to grow up to love the Lord. Before anything else, we want them to have kind and loving hearts. Hearts that will always think of others first. We pray for each of them, each day, that they will be strong men and women of God, prayer warriors who will be courageous and who will fight for what is right. And we are praying for the child who we are waiting on to join our family.