Bert & Christy, and Smith Family
— Tennessee

Our Family:
Bert is a board certified internist and pediatrician who currently works as a hospitalist for our local hospital system. Christy is a PhD prepared nurse practitioner with pediatric experience. She currently stays home full-time and homeschools the kids. Meridith just turned 9 and is active in ballet, jazz, piano, and violin studies. Addie and Andrea are almost 8 year old twins. They were born at 34 weeks but are both healthy. They both take ballet and piano. Addie plays the guitar and Andrea plays the mandolin. Ellie will be 4 in a few weeks and takes ballet classes. She also attends a church preschool three days/week.

Our Desire to Adopt:
We would like to adopt a child for several reasons:
1. to encourage expectant moms to choose life
2. we feel called by God to adopt
3. Bert (& his brother) are adopted and we would like to give back
we feel with our medical backgrounds, we should be open to parenting a child with health related issues. *However, we also feel that whatever issues the child has we should be able to treat in the town where we live. We don’t believe it would be fair to the other children (or their schooling) to have to travel a lot for treatments/care.

Our Faith in Christ:
Bert and Christy both believe there is a God who is Father, Son, and Spirit. We attend a Southern Baptist Church and we lead the college/career ministry. We have both been Christians since our teens and we seek to serve Christ in all we do.

Dear Expectant Parent(s),
Thank you for taking the time to consider us as parents for your child. We know this is a very big decision for you, and we do not take it lightly either. We are very happy that you are choosing life for your little one, and we know that you love your baby to be considering adoption.

We have been praying about adoption for several years and feel now is the right time for us to pursue an adoption. We feel called to adopt by God and want to be obedient to His call in our lives.

We see adoption as a beautiful picture of God’s love for us. We also are so thankful that 35 years ago, B’s birthmother chose life for him, and he was adopted by his parents. We still thank God for his birthmother’s choice all those years ago.

We currently have four daughters, ages 9, 7, 7, and 3. We have so loved having children and being parents. We are very family-centered and really enjoy spending time together. We have also tried to let our girls be involved in whatever they are interested in so we can help them develop their God-given talents.

Our Christian faith is very important to us. We are active in our church in the college ministry and in the children’s ministry. Please know that we have prayed and will continue to pray for His guidance in our lives.

Finally, we feel because we both have medical backgrounds, we are prepared to parent a baby with special needs.

Thank you again for considering us. May God help you as you make these important decisions for your child.
B & C