Joe & Traci, and Weldie Family
— South Carolina

Our Family:
We are the Weldie Family…Joe, Traci, Eleanor, Harry, Isabel, George, Lincoln and Anna. As you can probably see, we are an adoptive family already. We were blessed with four children and then made the decision to adopt. George came home to our family from Ethiopia when he was six years old, and Anna came home from Ghana when she was five. We have learned through adoption that our family has lots of love to share and believe we have a great life to offer another child. Joe grew up in Ohio in a tight-knit family and always knew he wanted many children. He graduated from college with a business degree and is currently the Southeastern Regional Manager for Volvo Rents. Joe is an incredibly hard worker and excels in problem solving. He is passionate about his family and values the time they can spend together doing things like going to beach, camping, hiking in the mountains, or just going on a long walk. Joe enjoys playing the guitar and writing his own music. He also loves reading. Joe is a committed husband and father, always putting their needs above his own. He leads the family through his relationship with the Lord, often gathering the children at night to lead them in prayer and encouraging them to know how much they are loved children of God.
Traci also grew up in Ohio in a wonderful family. As the youngest of four, Traci always knew she wanted a large family. She graduated from college with a degree in English Education. After several years of teaching, Joe and Traci got married and upon the birth of their oldest child, she began staying home. As she continued having children, she also started using her education experience to home school the children. Traci home schooled the kids for six years and then felt it was time for them to enter school, allowing Traci to volunteer much of her time during the day to a ministry working with single moms in crisis. Traci absolutely loves being a mom and a wife and works to fill her home with grace, kindness and beauty. Traci also loves being outside with the kids; hiking, camping and going to the beach. She also enjoys reading, and can often be found sitting on the back porch reading to her kids.

Eleanor is 15 years old. She is our first born and is our light. Eleanor has an incredible ability to love and have compassion on people, often being the one who is a friend to all. Eleanor is very smart and attends an International Baccalaureate school and wishes to become an English teacher. She loves to sing and is part of the school’s chorus and also enjoys youth group at church, swimming and now..driving! Harry is our 13 year old. He is our vision, always looking forward to things to come. Harry is in 8th grade and has such an amazing personality. Harry is often playing with his younger siblings, wrestling around with the boys, or cuddling up with his sisters with a good book. He is funny, smart and very sensitive to others’ needs. Harry enjoys music and plays both the saxophone and the guitar. Isabel is our 10 year old..and she is our joy-giver. Isabel has so much love pouring out of her life and truly loves being the middle child in a big family. Isabel loves to cook, and sees herself as the next great cupcake baker! She also enjoys swimming, reading and already has her own dog-walking business. George is our 9 year old, and he is our hope. God led us to George in 2009, when he was a six year old orphan in Ethiopia. Adopting George has forever changed our amazing, wonderful ways. George is big-hearted and hard working. He loves playing soccer, swimming and riding his bike around the neighborhood. Lincoln is 7 years old and is our laughter. Lincoln is a goof-ball, fun-loving all boy! He makes us all laugh with his silly ways. He, too, is very loving and cares deeply for those around him. Lincoln is in 1st grade and is enjoying school. He loves baseball and soccer as well. Anna is also seven years old, and is our delight. We adopted Anna over a year ago from Ghana. She is so full of love and joy, often found singing and dancing across her room. Anna enjoys swimming as well, and has just blossomed in the past year. She is also in 1st grade and making huge progress academically this year.

We are a very close-knit family. These six are often together and truly enjoy being with each other. Of course, they are normal siblings and have their arguments and disagreements, but they are learning how to love each other unconditionally and have become each other’s biggest supporters. Together, they love to play summer time games like Capture the Flag or Kick the Can. They all love baseball and will not only play together, but also watch the game together. Living in the south, they truly have fun simply hanging out at the pool together, and when we get to the beach, they are often building sand castles in between catching waves on boogie boards.

Our Desire to Adopt:
Joe and Traci have always prayed about adoption. God has lead us twice to children who would be considered “special needs” – both older children, one with Reactive Attachment Disorder and one who came to us through a disrupted adoption. We feel we have been equipped to parent a child with special needs through our experiences and our faith.

Our Faith in Christ:
Both Joe and Traci love the Lord. Traci grew up in a Christian home and has loved Jesus for as long as she can remember. Joe came to a saving faith later in life and has used the last 15 years of his life becoming a devoted follower of Jesus. Joe and Traci are members of a local church and are very active in the body of believers. Every evening, Joe and Traci gather the children to do devotionals and prayer together, and each day is covered in prayer. Faith is the most important thing in their lives.

Dear Birth Parents,
We understand.

We have walked down a very difficult path because of adoption – and we have also seen the redemption that comes though making some very hard decisions. We promise to understand, to never judge, and to come along side you during this part of the journey.

We don’t know why God choses certain paths to create a forever family – and you have played a key part in God’s plan. For that, you will forever be cherished in our hearts.

Joe and Traci