Chris & Wendy, and Jarman Family
— Texas

Our Family:
Our two oldest daughters, ages 21 and 18, are at college one hour from our home. Sons Levi 9, Ahren 7 and Seth 7 are at home. Mom and Dad are very dedicated to sharing our blessings with other kids. We want to provide respite for other families and possibly take one more child into our home long-term. Seth, posted on the CHASK site 3.5 years ago joined our family in January 2010 and is thriving. We feel for his first adoptive family who were not prepared for 3 children (sibling group) with such severe special needs. We are blessed he found us.

Our Desire to Adopt:
We feel that special children deserve a special chance. Wendy has worked with special needs kids and has a huge heart for them. We also feel that families like Seth’s first adoptive family need more support and assistance to be successful. We want to provide respite for other families and possibly take one more child into our home long-term. We want to help!

Our Faith in Christ:
We are members of Wildwood United Methodist Church where we are active in children’s groups and volunteering. We have built a church family that includes children to grandparents. Our children love going, and we have very spirited discussion on Sundays after attending. For us, it’s not religion, it is faith and a way to live each and every day.

Dear Birth Parent(s),
We have been the blessed recipients of a small boy who did not fit well into his first adoptive family. They struggled and were not given support by the foster care system, ultimately feeling like failures trying to connect with this child who constantly pushed them away. As hard as it was, they made the decision to find him a new home through CHASK and that is how we became his family. It is truly a blessing he is ours, and we cannot thank his previous family enough for making the sacrifice for his well being. They endured a lot of criticism for their decision. He is now a wonderfully happy, out-going child who is dearly loved and who loves freely. Sometimes it is ok to admit things are not right and make sacrifices to make them right, no matter how painful those decisions can be. We can help a family by supporting them in dealing with a child like this boy, and we can help families that are struggling with painful decisions. We are non-judgmental and just want to provide a soft shoulder to lean on in tough times.