Laws Family

Joe and Candi Laws – Arizona

Our Family
We are a blended family. Our three oldest children are from Candi’s first
marriage. They are 19, 14 and 12 years old. Our two youngest children were adopted at birth, they are 3 and 2 years old now.
We are active and involved parents. We like to have fun. We
believe that priorities in life have to be God and family.

Joe works full time outside the home. He is a fun, playful parent. You
can often find him wrestling, jumping on the trampoline and playing
with the kids. He loves to keep up on current events. He enjoys cars
and outdoor activities.

Candi is a stay home mom who loves to cook, craft and work in the
garden. She is very active with the kids and their activities. She
enjoys reading stories (with silly voices) to the kids.

Our Desire to Adopt
We have a huge heart for children and want to build our family. Due to
a hysterectomy, we can not conceive. We feel called by God to grow our
family through adoption.

Our Faith In Christ
We are fully devoted followers of Christ. We live each and every day
for His glory. It is our hope that we can share His light and bring
others into the family of God.

Dear Birth Family,
We are so very excited to grow our family through adoption. It is our
hope that we will add not only a baby, but you as well to our family.
We can’t even imagine the strength and courage it takes to consider
adoption; we already admire you for your choices. We look forward to
sharing the love of Christ with your child and providing a warm,
loving home to your little bundle of joy.

We want to be open, honest and transparent with you. It is so hard to
tell you who we are and what we are all about, so please feel free to
ask us anything.

Thank you for considering us to be a family for your child.

Joe and Candi