Bryan & Brandy W.

Bryan & Brandy W. and Family
— Texas

Our Family
We are a close knit family of 10.  We have been blessed by both birth
and adoption.  We are a homeschooling family and really enjoy spending
time together.  We have 4 daughters and 4 sons.  Our children range in
age from 11-4.   We are excited to grow our family through another
adoption.  (please see birth family letter for specifics on each

Our Desire to Adopt
We have always felt this calling.  Bryan taught art to adults with
Down Syndrome in college.  It was a very rewarding experience.  Our
daughter, Evelyn, had soft markers for Down Syndrome during our
pregnancy.  That experience opened our hearts to this reality.  Our
firstborn daughter was stillborn.  That loss helped shape our hearts
to love all children regardless of race or ability.  Our closest
friends, the Johnsons, brought home 3 children with special needs from
the Ukraine last summer.  That experience really grew our desire to
open our homes again.

Our Faith in Christ
Our faith in Christ shapes every aspect of our lives.  We have a
personal relationship with the Lord. Our greatest desire is to live a
life that honors God.  We are very active in our church.

Dear Friends,
Thank you for taking the time to read about our family. Thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your sweet baby. We cannot begin to imagine what you are going through. We know this must be the hardest decision of your life. You have our complete support as you make your way through this process. We will continue to pray that the decision you come to will give you peace about your baby’s future and also a peace about your future. We want you to know that though we don’t know you by name yet, you are on our hearts. We think of you often and continue to pray over you as you make decisions for you and your baby. We are willing to answer any questions you may have about us or this adoption. We want you to have all the information you need to make an informed decision. We look forward to getting to know you as well. We love the idea of an open adoption. What a gift to the baby to know both families and grow in love from both sides. It will be hard for us to articulate just how thrilled we would be to be chosen to be your baby’s family. We would be over the moon excited! You can rest in knowing that your baby will be welcomed into our family and cherished. If you choose someone else, please know you have our support and continued prayers. May God bless you as you continue down this path.

We are the W. family: Bryan, Brandy, Emma, Evelyn, Ezekiel, Eli, Isaiah, Elizabeth, Everett, and Esmi. Yes, we are a big family! We have been blessed! We have been married for almost 14 years. We have three biological daughters. Our first born Elaine was stillborn. Brandy was just starting her third trimester when we got the devastating news that our Elaine was gone. She was born on February 28, 2000. Elaine’s short life opened our hearts and eyes to what a gift children are. Emma and Evelyn came within two years of sweet Elaine. We were so blessed by each one of our daughters. When Evelyn was 18 months old, we heard an interview on the radio about adoption. We called that day and signed up with a local agency. We have been adopting since 2004 and the rest of our children have been gifts of adoption through the foster care system. As you can see by our picture we are a very diverse family. We love that! We believe that all children are a gift….regardless of race or ability. We have been praying about this adoption since the summer of 2011. We have read many books, met with families that are parenting children with Down syndrome and other special needs, joined the local Down syndrome Association, and spent time with our sweet Gloria that has Down Syndrome (one of our closest friend’s daughter). Learning about children with special needs has really opened our hearts to this. We are so excited to welcome our new child and help them reach their full potential. We have so much room in our heart and in our home for another child. We truly cannot wait to welcome him/her into our lives. Our kids are so excited too. They talk about it all the time. Our extended family is also thrilled that we will have another little one.

About the parents:
Bryan graduated with a degree in computer animation and currently works as a computer programmer. He has worked for the same company for over 10 years. It is a smaller company. He has worked with the same people for most of his time there. It is like a family atmosphere. He has a very flexible schedule. He comes home for lunch every day to spend more time with the kids. It is always a welcomed break in our day to sit down as a family and have lunch together. He also is able to work from our home computer if we have appointments outside of the house and he is needed to stay with the kids. We know that this flexible schedule will help us in the future with our new child’s therapies and appointments. Bryan is the oldest of three children. He grew up in a small town in Texas and was raised by his mother. His father passed away when he was just five. That experience has really shaped him as a father. He is so involved and he attributes it to his desire to give his children the father that he never had growing up. He is extremely hands on with the kids. He loves to take them to the park, build Legos, read books, and take them on special outings. Bryan loves sports. He has really enjoyed getting our boys involved in loving sports too. He is a golfer at heart and his company is actually a company in the golf industry. In his free time, he enjoys being outside and doing projects on our home. He has become very handy since we moved this last time. One thing that anyone would say about Bryan is that he LOVES children. He is actively involved in our children’s ministry at our church. He is a favorite of all the children. We have taught 3rd grade Sunday school for over two years now. Anytime there is a volunteer opportunity at the church that involves children, he will be the first one to sign up. He is funny, loving, patient, and a great friend.
Brandy graduated from art school with a degree in fashion marketing. She only used that degree for one year after graduating. Once we were married, she quit her job to focus on raising a family. She has been a stay at home wife and mom for over 13 years and plans to always stay home with the children. She was the youngest of four girls. She will always tell you that there are many benefits to being the baby of the bunch. She knows that this newest addition will also be blessed to be the “baby” of this fun bunch. Brandy is very close to her sisters. She talks to them daily and is very involved in their lives. Some of our favorite times are when all 4 sisters get together with all of our 17 kids. The cousins have so much fun. I am sure it will be some of our children’s most vivid memories. We get together every few months. It is such a blessing that we all live in Texas and are only a few hours from each other. Brandy is very close to her parents. Her father tragically died 2 years ago after a very short battle with cancer. Roger was her biggest supporter and the best father and “Papa” to the children. He is missed and will always be remembered. Brandy’s mom is lovingly called “Didi”. She is such a fun grandmother. She comes for weeks at a time. She never misses a birthday or any special event in the children’s lives. She is anxiously awaiting this new grandchild. She would also love to meet you and tell you how much she will love and cherish your child. Brandy also homeschools our children. This is our fifth year homeschooling. We have been so blessed by it. The kids are all doing very well in school. They all love the flexibility that comes with homeschooling. They can take courses that are focused on their unique interests. We also participate in many homeschool groups to provide them with unique educational opportunities. Brandy considers it a privilege to be not only their mom, but also their teacher. It has been very rewarding.

Our oldest child Emma will turn 12 this February. God knew what He was doing placing her first in line. She is so compassionate toward her younger siblings (and all children in general). If there are little ones playing, you will find Emma close by interacting and encouraging them. Emma is in the sixth grade this year. She excels in history and science. She plays the flute, the trumpet, and the piano. She is very gifted musically. She is very responsible. She is not the free spirit like her mother, so she keeps us on our schedule and on our toes. She also is a great seamstress. Sewing and designing clothes is her favorite past time. She is always talking about adoption. It is her heart’s desire to grow our family again. She has been reading books about Down syndrome and other special needs and proudly shares with her friends that we are hoping to adopt again. She will be a great advocate for our new child. Emma is loving, kind, warm, intelligent, and a joy.

Our daughter Evelyn will turn 10 this November. Evelyn was a premature baby that was born at 30 weeks. She spent 41 days in the NICU. When we were pregnant with her, she had choroid plexus cysts that were discovered during an ultrasound. We were told it was a soft marker for Down syndrome. For a few weeks we researched what that meant and ultimately came to terms and peace with the fact that she could have Down syndrome. That experience really shaped our hearts and opened them up to parenting a child with special needs. Evie started out a very sick little girl but eventually over came all her issues that were related to her prematurity. Evelyn is in the fourth grade. Her favorite subject is science. She loves rocks and minerals. She has a huge rock collection and spends lots of her free time hunting for new rocks to add to her collection. She also loves to read. She can spend hours each day reading. She is a free spirited girl. Her laugh is contagious and she will always have a smile on her face. She also is a talented artist. She has been creative since she was a toddler. Many of her works of art are mounted throughout our home. Evelyn is a sweet, happy, and energetic girl. She also is very happy to grow our family again.

Our oldest son is Ezekiel. He will turn 10 next May. We met Zeke when he was three years old. Brandy was serving pizza at our adoption agency. He came up with a plate and their eyes locked. She knew in that moment that he was her boy. He was currently in another foster placement. We gathered information on him and requested that we be considered to be his adoptive family. We were chosen and he was embraced by our entire family. Ezekiel may be the most honest and good natured child on the planet. We always tease him that he needs to run for public office when he is an adult because he has such good moral values. He is also very athletic. You will always find him in the yard kicking around a ball or playing basketball. He is also great at gymnastics. Zeke loves to work with his hands and build things. He loves Legos and spends lots of time each day making new creations. He is also in the fourth grade. He does well at school. He always is enthusiastic about new school projects and assignments. He struggles with reading comprehension but has made huge strides this year in that area of his academics. Zeke is well loved by all and is almost a “celebrity” at church. Everyone wants to be his friend. Ezekiel has blessed us in so many ways. We are so grateful we were blessed by our boy.

Our son Eli is spunky! Eli will turn 9 this November. Eli is your typical boy. He is always getting into something or getting into some kind of mischief. He definitely is our child that keeps us jumping. Eli has such an inquisitive spirit about him. He always asks questions…..about EVERYTHING! He adds such a great energy to our family. Eli also loves Legos. His imagination always amazes me. He spends hours playing and coming up with very interesting forts and tents. Eli is in the third grade. School is not his favorite thing to do, but he is always proud of his accomplishments when he gets something done. Eli is Native American. He was placed in our home at nine months old. He was our first adoption placement. Eli has such a heart for babies. He is drawn to them. He always says how “adorable” they are and how much he wishes we could have another little one around. Eli has never met a stranger either. Everyone that passes him gets a hello or a good morning. He loves to hold the door open for people. It just shows his sweet spirit. Eli is as cute as can be and has a heart the size of Texas.

Isaiah was adopted two summers ago with his sisters Esmi and Elizabeth. He turned 8 this last August. He was 6 at the time he was adopted. He was the oldest child we have taken into our home. Getting to know him has been such a fun experience. He was eager to have a family and embraced us from the first moment we met him. The true bonding was a longer process, but with the help of a play therapist, we made huge strides that first year. He now understands the permanence of adoption. He has grown to love each one of us and has completely let us into his life. Isaiah has the most beautiful red hair. Women stop him all the time and comment on how gorgeous it is. I think he gets irritated by this a bit, but I just have to chuckle. It was the first thing we noticed when I saw his picture for the first time. Isaiah is in the second grade. Like Eli, he would rather be outside chasing lizards, but he does his best to get his school work done so he can be on to bigger adventures. Isaiah loves cars. He always has one in his hand and at least one in each pocket. Isaiah is such a tender-hearted boy. He has been such a great addition to our family.

Elizabeth, her nickname is “Lizzy Biz”. Not sure how she got it, but it has stuck. Lizzy will be 7 this March. She joined our family with Isaiah and Esmi. Elizabeth’s first words to me when I met her were, “I’m a rock star!” That is so true! Elizabeth has such a sparkly personality. She loves to dance, play dress up, color, read, and play with her American Girl dolls. She is in the first grade. She is reading at a much higher grade level and is very proud of her reading accomplishments. She loves school and begs to do it, even on the weekends too. She is always sad when the school day is over. She has such a desire to learn. She has always been a joy to teach and is like a sponge with new information. Elizabeth also just started playing the piano. She blew us all away by how fast her ability grew on the piano. She has her first recital soon and is always talking about it. Lizzy is a favorite among her peers and is always quick to make a new friend. She loves her siblings and loves the idea of welcoming a new little one to our crew.

Our son Everett just turned 6. That is hard for us to type out. How is our little guy already 6??? Everett just started Kindergarten this fall. He is enjoying learning to read. He is so proud that he knows what sounds all his letters make. He gives his famous “cheese” smile and wants to pose for pictures after he completes any worksheet. We have taken so many pictures of his work this year at his request. He has been such a fun addition to our school day. Everett is Zeke’s biological brother. When we were adopting Zeke, they told us his birth mother was pregnant again. We were asked to adopt this new baby. We were thrilled with such a surprise blessing! We got little Everett when he was just a few days old. He truly was the cutest little guy. Everett loves tiny babies. He is always asking to hold our friends babies. We know that he would love the opportunity to have a sibling to hold and be a big brother to.

Esmi is the baby of the bunch—for now at least! Esmi will turn 5 this February. She also started Kindergarten this fall. She loves school and is very enthusiastic about school each day. Her favorite part of our school day is circle time and the “Pledge of Allegiance”. She is very serious when she says her pledge. She also will ask anyone if they would like her to say it for them. It cracks us up. Esmi’s nick name is “Pinky”. Pinky always has time for a cuddle. She is so affectionate. She also is a chatter box and has many words to say about any given thing. She is such a joy! She is always happy. Though she is just 4, she thinks she is quite older. One of her favorite things to do is to care for her baby dolls. She can spend hours in her room playing with them. She will be a great big sister!

We moved into our home about 18 months ago. It is very spacious and we were very blessed to find it for our growing family. It has 6 bedrooms and lots of living space for us to spread out in. We also have a huge school room above our garage. It has been so nice for the kids to do their school work in such a bright and fun space. We live in a great neighborhood. We love all the trees and bigger yards for all the kids. We have lots of young families in our neighborhood. There is a great park, walking trail, tennis courts, and pool too. We live on a street with a cul-de-sac, so it is a safe place for them to ride their bikes and scooters. The school near our neighborhood has a great special education program. The children are included in regular classroom activities as much as possible. There is also a preschool at the school for children that have special needs. We also have already looked into ECI and plan to start those therapies as soon as possible.

Our church family is really just an extension of us. We are very involved. Our church has a special ministry for children with special needs. It gives each one of them a “buddy” so that they can have great one on one attention and also be included in all the aspects of the children’s ministry. Our church family totally supports us in all of our adoptions. We have shared with them our desire to adopt again and every single person has been thrilled. Many people are ready to welcome our newest addition at our church.

We live in Texas. We have so many great hospitals close by and also downtown in the medical center. Our family doctor knows about our desire to adopt and is confident that he will be able to help us navigate any medical issue that may arise with our child.

Thank you for taking the time to read a little about our family. We hope that you feel like you know us better now. We hope that we will have the chance to talk with you and share more about us and also to hear all about you and your baby. Please know that we are excited to hear from you and that you have our full support in whatever decision you come to. We promise that we will do whatever is necessary to help our child reach his individual potential. We look forward to hearing from you. Thank you again for considering us for such a precious gift.

God bless you and give you a peace as you make a decision,
Bryan, Brandy, and the children