Copeland Family

Bob and Dusty Copeland – California

Our Family:
My name is Roberta but friends call me Dusty. We have a 19 year old daughter with Down Syndrome, a 14 year old with Kabuki Syndrome who is legally blind, and a 10 month old who is as yet undiagnosed with anything but has seizures and global delays that we are currently adopting. Adopting a child is a lifetime journey and commitment just as birthing a child is. Sometimes it is scary, and sometimes it is exciting and great fun. Each child is an individual and I think it is my important task to help them reach their greatest potential. My daughter with Down Syndrome loves to read her Bible and ride her horse. She is afraid of water and doesn’t quite “get” math. Her greatest wish is to be married and be a housewife; and she works very hard every day to learn the skills needed. I pray that someday God will give her the desire of her heart. She is a joy, such a sense of humor! Our daughter with Kabuki we were told could never learn; silly school. We homeschool her and she is doing 3rd grade level work, she rides beautifully, hates schoolwork, loves to cook and work around the farm. Seems pretty typical to me! Our newest baby girl we adopted from foster care too. She is beginning to crawl and babble. I want to encourage you that each child can learn; at their own pace. Every child is a blessing from God, No matter how the world sees them, they are a child of God and made in His image. We have 4 grown children, one is a missionary in Africa. We are current in our CA State Foster License for specialized care infants. I am also volunteering at a NICU. Bob is a pastor of a small community church. We live on a small ranch in Northern Ca. where we help other family’s milk cows, raise vegetables and work together to train parents to feed their families.

Our Desire to Adopt
We are open to God’s will in our life, whether that be counseling (as we have done with bio parents of our foster babies), foster care, adoption or guardianship. We see that there is a great need for these children for safe, Christian homes. We are current with our foster care license and open to any needs God would use of us.

Our Faith in Christ
My faith is in Christ alone, nothing more or less can save me. I have stood on Him in my trials of need and He has sustained me. My husband is a lay pastor of a community church. God has gifted him with teaching and discipleship. We are conservative, homeschool all our children and I wear a head-covering.

Dear Birth Mom,
We are the Copeland’s, and we want to support you in this time of your and your baby’s life. We have been doing foster care for medically fragile infants for over 15 years. God has given us this vision and grants us the strength to care for these infants. We are current in our home study and currently hold a state special care foster home license for caring for medically fragile infants. This letter is about how we can help you. We are not set on adopting your child but rather following the will of God in helping YOU through this difficult time. If it is your desire to place your child in a special home, then we take this seriously as we desire God’s will for your child as much as you do. If we can help you with a short term placement we are able to do this quickly through our current license. We are happy to keep you updated on your babies care with photos. If you just need a shoulder to cry on, or an experienced mom to talk to, we are here for you. We have had 15 years of caring for medically fragile children, and 7 years intensive training. I have helped birth moms reunite with their medically fragile children who have been removed into foster care. They continue to be a part of our family. I have NIDCAP training for premature infants, and we own all our medical equipment. We have experience with a multitude of injuries and special needs.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. We hope to be a part of your journey and be an encouragement to you!

In His love
Dusty, Bob, Sarah, Crystal, John, Jesse, Suzi, Cheyenne, Rachael Joy and the entire Copeland Clan.