Celeste Dipiero

Celeste Dipiero in Maine

My Family

I come from a large Italian family. All my cousins have children. I have my own home with a nice large yard and a few little tiny dogs. In my home is just me and my dogs . I have family and friends come over often. We attend church every Sunday.

My Desire to Adopt

My reason to adopt is to have my own family to love and care for and give that child the best life possible, for I believe life is a gift from God. I am open to adoption and/or disruption of children between the ages of 0-8 years old with mild special needs, that are Caucasian and/or Asian American. I am able to take in sibling groups, and to provide support and/or counseling for Birth Mom considering abortion or who has had an abortion, birth moms/parents considering placing their child, but are yet undecided, or who are considering disruption/respite.

My Faith in Christ

I am a Catholic and believe God is with me every second of my life. I grew up going to St. Anthony School in Boston, MA. and attended Mass every Sunday and holidays. I now live in Maine and attend the Common Ground Church of God.

Dear Birth Mom/Parents

Hello, my name is Celeste! I want to start by expressing my sincere gratitude for your true act of courage and love in making this plan for adoption. I know that whomever you chose to parent your child, will provide a loving and nurturing home-and I hope you pick me! I am an affectionate and loving person who always dreamed of being a parent and having a home full of love and laughter. I can provide a healthy nurturing home where your baby will be raised to be curious, resilient and kind and have lots of love, hugs and support. I believe in God so I will see that your child attends church and bible study. He or she will have every thing their heart desires.