Nelson Family

Kevin and Dara Nelson – Texas

Our Family:
We are a big family with a big God. We are a bible-believing, Jesus loving, family with 10 children living at home ages 4 to 21. We also have 4 married children and 5 grandchildren. We have one additional grown son who is living and working on his own but is still single. We live north of Dallas about an hour on 14 acres. We enjoy the quiet of country-living with easy access to the big city which includes the hospitals we need for our daughters. God has blessed us with wonderful children and a supportive church family. We play soccer, have horses, are active in music at our church and home school those who are still school-aged.
As we began our adoption journey many years ago the Lord gently showed us over time the value of life- all life. As an expression of our belief that God plans each life with a purpose and value, we desire to open our home to any and all children the Lord might send our way. God has blessed us with a large home and resources that enable us to add children to our family through adoption.
Our faith:
We believe in the Jesus is the Son of God, born of a virgin, lived a sinless life, then died on the cross in payment for our sins. He rose again on the third day and is seated with God the Father in heaven. He is our access to heaven and is preparing a place for us. He will return for His bride and judge the world. It is by grace we have been saved through faith.
Dear Birthparents:
We are grateful that you are seeking the Lord as you make this difficult decision. We are confident He will lead you in the path He has planned before time. We grieve with you that circumstances have lead you to this hard place in your life, but we know the One who makes all things new and trust He will make something beautiful out of this hardship. Our family would consider it an honor to come alongside you and provide a home and family for your child. We have 27 plus years of experience parenting and have learned that it all takes grace and prayer that only the Lord provides. We have been blessed with a home that has room to spare and a network of friends and family that enable us to open our home to additional children. We are active in our church, and many of our children play musical instruments or sports. Our special needs daughter are able to experience as much of life as possible. We have fourteen acres with horses and plenty of place to play just outside the Dallas/Ft. Worth area which gives us access to wonderful medical facilities. Whatever your decision we are praying for your peace and healing.