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Jenkins Family


Our Family

My husband and I both come from big families with lots of nieces and nephews who can’t wait to have little cousin to play with. We have experienced two miscarriages and one failed adoption. We are Christians and are very active outdoors. We enjoy going on picnics, swimming, basketball, bowling, and painting.

Our Desire to Adopt

We are interested in adopting a child from a disruption situation, into our forever home. We understand that sometimes different people cannot bond with everyone. Sometimes it take quality time alone with a child to build trust, love, and respect. Any child that is chosen to be with us would be given the time and love needed to adjust to our home. That special child will have our undivided attention. We would like to adopt siblings under age seven or an only child, boy or girl. We are open to adoption and disruption of children 6 months-7 years old, that are African American/Black, Native America, Bi-racial and Hispanic/Latin, with mild-moderate special needs.

Our Faith in Christ

My husband and I are Christian and are very active in our church. We attend New Life World Outreach Christian Center. Our desire is to provide children with a loving Christian home. We believe love is unconditional

Dear Birth Mom/Parents

Please consider giving your child a loving home like ours. We have tried but are unable to bring our natural children into the world. We are looking to expand our family through adopting children who need a forever Christian home. Your child will be brought up in a loving home with Christian values. If God has lead you to place your child in another family please consider ours. God can look into our future and see the plans that he has for us that we cannot see. May God bless your thoughts.

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