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Vess Family



Our Family:

We are a very loving, children orientated family. We go on vacations together, we hunt, fish, camp, ride 4 wheelers, have cookouts, and lots of family get togetherness. We love anything outdoors. We love church, God, and most of all we have a strong faith that has helped us through every situation we’ve faced. We bought a large 3 story home just so we could fill it with children and the sunshine that children give us. God has blessed us with good health and a strong ability to help other people.
We have a lot of experience with special need children. My adopted 16 year old daughter was a sexual abuse/neglect victim. My adopted 9 year old son was a severe drug baby and suffers development, hearing loss, and failure to thrive. We have all of that under control now and he is striving through life normally. My adopted 7 year old daughter was a severely abused child. She had some behavior problems that we now have under control. My bio-daughter is 12 and was diagnosed with leukemia 2 years ago, she is now in remission. God has really blessed us with our children.

Our Desire to Adopt:

We feel that God has blessed us with a wonderful ability to help and raise special needs children. He has also blessed us with a love for children that yearns to help and adopt more children. We are also blessed to have love and understanding for the birth parents who are making a life time choice for their child that will impact both them and the child forever. We are a very loving outgoing family that enjoys every moment spent with our children and would love to parent or co-parent your child with you.

Our Faith:

God has blessed me with a special love for special needs. I have been tested and tried with the children I have adopted. I will not lie and say I aced all those tests, but God gave me the heart to continue and become a better person. I feel that God has given me the love and ability to do so. We have a strong faith in God. We’re not perfect, but willing to know that his mercies will endure.

Dear Birth Mom/Parents:

I want you to know that we have the biggest heart for children. We have gladly taken in 3 children who have blessed us beyond measure. We have one biological daughter that God gave us and loves these children just as they were her blood. . Blood means nothing in our family. LOVE MEANS EVERYTHING. We would love to help you and your child any way we can. And know that we are open to having you as family also if you want that option. I was once told by someone special, “It takes a whole neighborhood to raise a child”. We have always left an open door to our moms but we also understand if you want it closed, we just want to help.

Please contact CHASK through phone or email to get in contact with us.
#208-267-6246 or

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