Gabryel Family

Tracy Gabryel Family — Wisconsin

My Family:

I am a single parent of five adopted children. I currently have two disabled children living at home. I have a son who has TBI, is g-tube fed, non-verbal, non-ambulatory and seizure disorder. I have a daughter with FAS, ADHD and cognitive delays.

I am a Community Resource Coordinator with a Managed Care Organization. I am currently working on my doctorate in Child Psychology and I am a certified Autism Behavior technician. I am also a CNA. I have cared for persons with disabilities for my entire adult life and I love it. I love kids and I am anxious to provide care to any child/children who needs my help

My Desire to Adopt:

I am very qualified to deal with children with special needs and I really enjoy it. I see beyond the disability and look at the child’s heart and soul. Nothing thrills me more than to see a child exceed beyond the world’s expectations. I was told my daughter would never speak one word and she now has long conversations with me.

I would prefer children 0-8 years old, 9 years and older with moderate to severe special needs. I am open to Adoption, Disruption, Guardianship, Guardianship — 11 years and older, with moderate-severe special needs, Respite — Under 10-years old, Respite — 11 years and older. All of the above for Caucasian, African American/Black, Native American, Bi-racial, Asian American, Hispanic/Latin, children. I am able to care for children with Mild, Moderate, Severe special needs, to Total care.

My Faith:

I am currently a church organist and have a very deep faith in Christ. I attended a Christian college with the intent to make the church my career but then I realized that God wanted me to care for people in my home instead. I celebrate my faith and I freely talk about it with others. I couldn’t get through my life if I didn’t have Jesus carrying the load.

Dear Birth Mom/Parents:

I know that you are facing a life changing decision. This is the most difficult thing you will ever do. You feel as if you can’t go on but you are also suffering from guilt and depression because you feel you have failed your child. That is not true. You are giving your child a gift. Not everyone is equipped with the knowledge and the support system to care for a child with special needs. That is why God made people like me. He gave me the know how and the heart to accept your child as my own. God has provided a way for you to give your child the help he/she needs.
I have so much respect for you and love for you that you are able to accept that you are not cut out for this. I wish everyone could be as brave as you are and know that they need help. You are putting your child’s needs number one by requesting help. Just know that your child will always be loved beyond belief and cared for to the best of my abilities. I don’t even know you but I already love you because I know we are family at heart. May God bless you in your time of need. Tracy