Family in Texas

Family — Texas

My Family:

I have two sons adopted from China, we all live in our home with our two sweet cats. My 15 year old son is a sweet boy, he is happy, sweet and kind. He is developmentally delayed, however he is making progress. He is fluent in speaking and understanding English and he is learning to read site words along with writing site words.
I also recently adopted another son, he is 6. At this time I am a single parent, however, my desire is to meet a wonderful Christian man…the one that God has for me for marriage.

My Desire to Adopt:

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Registered Play Therapist with 30 years of experience working with the counseling field with special needs kids. As far back as I can remember I have wanted to adopt children. I am open to adoption and disruption of 0-9+ year old children with mild, moderate to severe special needs. I am so blessed to have my sons, and I look forward to welcoming the children into my family that the Lord brings into my life. My desire is to adopt from disruption or failed adoptions.

My Faith in Christ:

Jesus is my personal Lord and Saviour and I strive to serve Him daily and share God’s love with others. My 15 year old son has been learning about the love of Jesus and I have purchased him several worship music videos in Mandarin. We attend church and talk about or faith in our home also.

Dear Birth Mom/Parents:

My heart goes out to you for all that you have been through! Please know that you will be in my prayers for God’s healing to touch your life and bring you through this very difficult time! There is no more powerful love that God’s love and His arms are big enough to carry you through this difficult time. I have worked in many settings in my career as a professional counselor including hospitals, kids programs, residential programs for teens, psychiatric hospitals and more. My education is in the field of counseling and I have been blessed to work with children, tweens, teens and adults with a whole array of issues and challenges through the years. Please know that I will care for, love and always cherish the children that the Lord places in my care and I thank you for considering my family. May the Lord bless you now and always and walk with you in this difficult time.
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