The Bobb Family

Scott and Teri Bobb – Pennsylvania

Our Family:
Our family is family in every sense of the word. We are each other’s biggest cheerleaders! We do everything a small family does….. There just happens to be more of us! We are creative with our number. My husband and I have been married for 27 years, have parented four children that grew up… (didn’t know how to stop that) became very successful adults. One is married and our first grandchild is due in July. Which is strange for us because we still want babies and have a two year old in our house. We have in our home, our oldest Nickolas who is 16 and mentally challenged… in our house he is a very normal 8 year old, Grayson is 13 and mentally challenged…. in our house a very normal 10 year old, Morgan is 12 is mentally challenged with speech issues… the funniest kid…. reminds you of Mr. Bean. He is also a very normal 4 year old…..but just has that darn paper that states he is 12. Nickolas, Grayson and Morgan are biological brothers and their biological sister Palin who is 9, I’m proud to say is a happy member of our family! Palin suffers from FAS. We have a biological set of triplets that are so amazing. Their dedication, commitment and willing to go up and beyond for any member of their family just makes my heart swell every day! They are 13, born at 28 weeks…. you would never guess! No issues, brilliant, determined and hearts of gold! Riley is 5…. he has high functioning autism. The most amazing child…. so funny, loves to learn, loves everything around him, is so impressed with even the smallest wonder. Rachel is 8, We adopted her with information from CHASK. Rachel suffers from RAD and has been my biggest challenge as a parent. She is working through abandonment issues, fear and heartbreak from leaving her last adoptive family. Her adoption was final in August of 2015. She is going to make it….. it takes family… sometimes a large family, I believe, because everyone adds their own sense of security for her. There is always someone around to be with her. Leena is 8, we adopted her when she was three days old and she has leadership skills that would impress Donald Trump! She will run our country someday! Elijah we adopted at 4 months of age and we were told he would only live to be a year old…… it shows what love, faith and determination can do because Elijah will turn six this year. Although he doesn’t walk and only sees shadows he has a laugh that make the meanest old man laugh. On your saddest day… Elijah will brighten up your room! Aurora is the smallest of our family at age 2. A thriving healthy toddler that might give Leena a run for the presidency. Scott my husband has retired at 42 from Frito Lay and the United States Marine Corp. We love have everyday together to home school the kids and make sure all their needs are provided for. Our world, our family is all about the kids and we are so blessed to have that ability.

Our Desire to Adopt:
Completely selfish! The joy we feel when a child of ours reaches a goal….. Whether it’s getting spoon to mouth or finishing a marathon….. That feeling of Joy is like no other in the world!!!!!!! We understand the work it takes to get to those goals, we know the dedication, commitment, and determination it takes…. but that’s what makes that joy in the end…. all the sweeter!

Our Faith:
Christ is the only thing that makes our world possible. Without his guidance and love…. we wouldn’t be. Scott and I wouldn’t be married, have children, have the family we have…. or have the world we have. We never take for granted each day he gives us and we never forget to thank him for everything he gives us. Every day we look at each of our children and know how blessed we are. I often wonder what I did to deserve to be so blessed and God’s grace is good and beautiful! We teach our children that Christ is our center!

Dear Birth Mom/parents:
I am beginning my letter to “baby’s Mom and Dad” because in our hearts no adoption paper will ever change the fact that you are now and always will be her/his mom and Dad. Scott (my husband) and I (Teri) would be honored and blessed to share that title as well. I want to start by telling you right away…. not to let the number of children in our family scare you. Remember love is not divided it is multiplied. I know you will have a million questions. The most common everybody fears is….. When will you have time…. How could you have time to give the attention and care our baby needs? Let me reassure you that is the absolute reason a large family for a baby with special needs, needs a large family. There is always someone there and nobody ever gets overwhelmed with a baby that requires all that attention. The love in the house is the only thing that is overwhelming. Our family will argue over who gets to hold him/her next… who gets to bathe him/her or do therapy with them. Who gets to sing or read or rock him/her. Scott and I truly are blessed that we are at a point in our lives that we can just sit back and parent. Financially we have no worries and life is good. We have parented many children all of various personalities and colors. We have years of life experience and wisdom. We as parents, are so prepared to bring another amazing child into our lives but our entire house is excited to do so. We want you to also know that from the very beginning we are open to any contact that you feel comfortable with. We truly be adoption is about adding to your family and taking nothing away from either side. The fact that you are reading this already shows me how much you love your baby and he/she deserves to know that their entire life. Please see our entire profile and find out more about our family. Please feel free to call, email or text and ask questions.
In His name, Scott and Teri Bobb