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About Us

Our goal: Encouraging families to find the will of God in their lives.

Please review our Statement of Faith

Who are we? Why are we doing this? CHASK is a group of Christian families formed from our organization National Challenged Homeschoolers (NATHHAN) For more than 12 years our joy has been encouraging parents with special needs children.

We feel strongly that choosing life instead of genetic termination for special needs children is the Lord’s way.  We know that not all families are in a position to adopt, but many of us can share our home with a child, or help another family to adopt.

Are we experienced? CHASK families are experienced Christian parents.  They range from younger couples to older parents. Some families have just one or two children, some have many children with special needs.  All are seeking God’s best for you and their own home.  They come from all over the USA. Some live in the city, some in the country.  Most are stay-at-home moms, homeschooling, loving their husbands and children and making the best of what the Lord has provided for them financially.  Some families are better set monetarily, and some live frugally with less. 


CHASK is NOT an adoption agency.  Our matching services are legal in most states. We do not accept funds from adoptive families or birth parents for the placement of children. Our job is to point birth moms with special needs children to possible adoptive families. CHASK and it’s volunteers assume no liability or damages resulting from any information and/or resource shared. If legal advice is required, please seek a competent-adoption attorney.

We make every effort to find adoptive parents for all babies, with any medical condition. Birth parents please understand that because of the medical issues surrounding some children, sometimes it takes a little while. Of those babies that are harder to match, all are already loved by CHASK families. A special fund is set up in the babies name helping the adoptive family with selected adoption expenses.

Consider consulting an adoption attorney before entering any adoption agreement.  CHASK’s families are Christian and have filled out an adoption form shortly sharing their beliefs and living situation. Birth parents are responsible to make sure that the family they choose has met the adoption requirements specific to their state.

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