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Waiting For Families

Children in CHASK’s Private Adoption Referral Program — CHASK is not an adoption agency, we are a “matching service” for families.

To potential adoptive parents:  CHASK’s ministry is birth parent focused. This means we are more interested in helping birth moms or adoptive parent finding out God’s will for their (and their child’s) life.  If you are seeking to add a child to your home, minus the ministry aspect, then CHASK is not the right situation for you.

Adoption scams are extremely unusual in a special needs adoption situation. We have parents that have all kinds of special needs themselves. As a CHASK adopting family, we ask for your patience with birth moms and adoptive parents that are struggling and may be under emotional stress. Contact an attorney that will represent the birth parent(s). Offer your listening ear and be a friend, until the relationship is established and you are ready to move forward in a legally proper manner.

Families who are seeking a new home for a child that they cannot parent, are trusting that you will provide verification via a current home study, lots of references, including name of pastor, social worker, immediate family and the lawyer you will be using. You should be willing and able to provide references. We advise you to submit a CHASK adoption application, and to keep your CHASK application updated. When requesting further information regarding a child, consider asking about US citizenship and who is on the birth certificate. Further helpful information will be custody status or any CPS proceedings you need to be aware of.

To families seeking adoption disruption for your child:  Although CHASK has many potential adoptive families viewing your child’s situation, an internet user or another adoption group may pick up your child’s availability and pass it on to others who are not part of CHASK. CHASK does not have control over who contacts you via e-mail. Please be aware of people who are “child-gathering”. We suggest that you be sure they have a home study, make a personal home visit, ask for lots of references, including the name of their social worker, pastor and the lawyer they will be using to facilitate the adoption.

Please be prepared to send information about your child (medical, previous adoption finalization, US citizenship status, and any testing) to the attorney the adoptive family has provided.

CHASK should be considered a “last resort” avenue for finding a new adoptive home for a previously adopted child. Adoptive family’s seeking an adoption disruption for their child, may not ask for reimbursement of any previous adoption costs, if that potential adoptive contact has come from the CHASK web site.  

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!

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