Cheryl Bianchi and Family
— Florida

Our Family:
Our home consists of myself and my 8 year old and 19 year old daughters both from disruptions. My 19 year old (Guatemalan) will be leaving for JobCorp in February 2013. :( Her FAE makes learning very difficult, but she wants so strongly to learn a career. We are both hoping this is where the Lord is leading and that he has a plan for her that makes a difference through this. My 8 year old (bi-racial) is a sweet girl who likes to help. She has very mild passive aggression tendencies. But she is learning, and we are changing that behavior together. Her small motor development was delayed as well as her ability to use more independent thinking. We have a small dog. The dog and the youngest enjoy running and playing in the big back yard. We are strong Christians and we all enjoy not only loving and praising the Lord but working and playing with our church family. I am a hands on mom and do very little without my girls. I work at the same elementary school as my youngest for Early Head Start. I work with at risk infants and toddlers. It is very rewarding to see how far these children can come with the correct atmosphere of learning and respect.

My Desire to Adopt:
I love children and love seeing those who need extra special care thrive and grow. I am trained in child development with approximately 30 hours per year of extra training. I have fostered for both the state and and a private Christian group in the past. I am trained and use Conscious Discipline at work and home. I have spent years reading and researching attachment disorders and understand the issues it presents as well as the broad range of severity. I do believe a lot of children classified with it are also fetal alcohol effected. I have done respite care for a toddler with HIV+ and worked with our local clinic. I am open to learning what it is a child needs for me to learn.

My Faith in Christ:
I am a strong Christian who believes that without Christ I am nothing but a sinner. Because of him I am saved, redeemed, and his grace covers all my sins. Hopefully I am a better person because of my faith. Church is not something I feel I should do, but I need and thoroughly enjoy. I feel it is my reward for putting up with the rest of the world, sometimes. :) My best friend (in Florida) is also an adoptive mom and is also our children’s Pastor at church. My best friend (in New England) is an adoptive mom of many special needs children. I learn a lot from her on the phone and visiting yearly. God has put these wonderful women in my life to learn from. Nothing is a coincidence. God is in control, and I am so glad for that.

Dear Birth Mom,
Wow, you have such a huge decision to make. You are taking the first step by asking questions. That is so wonderful. Congratulations for taking that step. You are obviously putting your baby’s/child’s needs in the forefront as you also try to think about your needs. You must know that your decision in the end will effect you for the rest of your life. God is always with you even when it doesn’t seem like it. Sometimes that’s when we need to believe the most and when it is the hardest; when it seems like He isn’t there. Please believe also that we are here for you. God has put us here for you. We are here to support you, to cry with you, to help you to make a decision for your baby and you. I started out as a teen mom. I struggled with a husband that wasn’t right for me or his son, and now I am a grandmother raising children I’ve adopted because, little by little, God has put me in situations where I have learned to work with children as a professional and as a constant mom at home in ways that the children need from me. There are so many options and so many people who will love your baby and you along the way