Ron & Kim, and Nield Family
— Tennessee

Our Family:
Ron and I are the parents to 12 wonderful children.
Currently at home we have an 18 month old foster daughter who we hope will become a permanent member of our family; we have a four year old son, adopted; we have a 13 year old daughter, adopted; we have a 15 year old daughter, adopted; we have a 16 year old son, adopted; we have a 17 year old daughter, adopted; we have a 19 year old daughter, adopted; we have a 19 year old son, biological. God truly blessed our family with loving, caring children who go out of their way to help out with every child who spends time in our home. Special needs for most people is ordinary life for us and we love our EXTRAordinary life.

Our Desire to Adopt:
God placed it upon our hearts to accept all people as He did and provide the exact same love and support for any child just as God shows for us. What better way to be following God than to do as He does? God over and over again proves no child is unloveable, unteachable, or unworthy of love as many of our children are classified as special needs; two were premies who were never to walk, talk or crawl. Needless to say God is the ultimate Doctor, and His amazing grace shines with them both now as they supersede all expectations. Our 13 year old with spina bifida can’t feel below the waist but cheers for her school; how AWESOME is our God???? She runs, jumps, flips and all. Special needs—nah just EXTRA special.

Our Faith in Christ:
The way the truth and the light, without God we are nothing.

Dear Birth Mom,
I am writing this in hopes of placing God’s peace upon you and your family as you make this decision to allow our family to adopt your child. We believe God has a special place for His children and feel God placed it upon us to provide that special place.

I am a nurse and my husband is a stay at home dad. We have had many children come through our home, as we provided placement for many foster children with special needs. We wanted to be that forever family for those children who needed us. God has allowed our family to grow through time and allowed each child who has been adopted to learn to love and to grow independently despite many obstacles that lay before them. 

Please know that we are reaching out to help the children and believe the birth family’s role in the adoption is very important for the growth and health of your child. We are ready, willing, and able to provide the love, care and support your special child needs and hope you find comfort knowing your child will be showered with love. 

           Thank you,
                     Kim and Ron Nield and family