Tim and Lisa McKensie – Texas

Our Family:
Lisa and I have been married for 19 years and have eight children, Andrew, Abbie, Hailey, Emily, Alexandria, Melody, Kyron and Kaydon. We also a wonderful Exchange student living with us right now and some wonderful family pets.
Our Desire to Adopt:
We want to share our family with a child that needs a home. Lisa has worked with special needs kids in the past. We have done foster care and kids have a special place in our hearts. All children deserve to be loved and are welcomed into our home.
Our Faith in Christ:
We are dedicated to our relationship with God. We try very hard to have family worship each evening as a family, though we sometimes miss due to other activities. Lisa and I volunteer as teachers in the 0-4 & 10-13 year old Sabbath School class each week. We encourage the children to read their Bibles and build their own personal relationship with God. Both children have chosen to be baptized, and were baptized this past summer. We pray for each of our meals and other occasions. We give freely of our time and money to assist children in need and our community.
Dear Birth Parent(s),
Hello. Thank you for the opportunity to let us present ourselves to you. We are a loving Christian family in our late 30’s . Along with our eight children, we are excited to welcome another child(ren) into our country home. We have structured our home and finances so that Lisa can stay at home with the children during the day. Tim also works from home so we both have the wonderful opportunity to be with the kids each day. We are very passionate about working with the children in our church and community. We have family and friends that will provide a warm welcome as well.
God Bless,
Timothy, Lisa, Andrew, Abbie, Hailey, Emily, Alexandria, Melody, Kyron and Kaydon.