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Welcome to CHASK — Christian Homes and Special Kids

Helping families with an adverse-prenatal diagnosis

Thousands of Christian families believe that life is precious. They desire to put action behind their faith in Jesus Christ, by opening their homes and hearts to one of God’s special-little ones.


Loving, Christian families are waiting to adopt special babies if birth moms and dads are not able to parent.

We want parents to hear about life choices. CHASK provides family-to-family support, helping families raise their child with special needs.

Need help? Want to Join us?

Thomas A. Bushnell Attorney at Law is the Director of CHASK.  Tom is licensed to practice law in the state of Idaho.  If you need legal services in the State of Idaho related to the adoption of special needs children, you may contact Tom through CHASK.

Idaho code 18-1512A(4)  Nothing herein is intended to prohibit an attorney licensed to practice in the state of Idaho from advertising his or her ability to practice or provide services related to the adoption of children.

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