Cassie is an 8 year old US citizen that was adopted from foster care in NM as an infant and then adopted again at age 7.  She is currently the youngest of 5 children.

She is going into grade 3 in public school in Indiana.  She does well in most studies but needs a little help with math.  She doesn’t cause problems in school and works well with the teacher and other children.  She makes friends easily, is outgoing and has an infectious smile.  She is welcoming of new kids, is very empathetic and shares easily.  She has a sassy and fun personality and a good sense of humor.

Cassie is creative and loves doing arts and crafts and can spend hours on them.  She also can play on her own and is good at creative play.  She enjoys being active and playing outdoor games like kickball, riding bike, and jumping on the trampoline.

She does best in a structured environment with clear boundaries and she likes to know what’s next.  She is good at doing a task and enjoys being involved in family projects and activities.  She is a hard worker and eager to please.  Her favorite color is purple and favorite food is Ramen noodle but she will try all kinds of foods.  She is fearless and loves to try new things and go on adventures.

She is currently diagnosed with RAD, ODD, and OCD.  She tends to triangulate to gain sympathy and fails to tell the truth at times.  She has exhibited some self-harming behaviors and struggles with masturbation as a self-soothing method.  Her behaviors have been challenging and isolating for the family.

In her initial placement she was aggressive towards her younger siblings so we feel that she should either be an only child or placed as the youngest if other children are in the home.  Regular therapy for Cassie would be very helpful and she is currently on Indiana Medicaid and comes with a subsidy that is transferrable.

We would like to find a new adoptive home for Cassie where she would be able to receive more individual attention and care that she needs and be provided with the therapies that she needs to thrive.  We feel that she will do well in a new adoptive home where the parents are prepared to manage RAD symptoms.  If you have a current (or easily updated) homestudy and are interested in adding Cassie to your family through adoption, please contact us for more information at