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Adverse Prenatal Diagnosis Q & A

“Finding out that my baby had severe medical problems was one of the most scary, disappointing moments of my life”.

You are not alone.

Thousands of us have experienced what you are feeling.  With that baby growing daily inside you, choosing to raise your child, adoption or abortion is a hard decision to make.

Q. How do I contact another family with a child having similar medical conditions to my babies?

A.  Just contact or call (208) 267-1491  These families all pray that God’s will be done in your life.  What we really want is to support you. What God has done for us He will do for you too!  Yes, your baby may have some disabilities.  Here is support for you. If you are able to choose life, we have resources to help you deal with your babies’ special needs before and after birth.  Moms and dads that have walked in your path are willing to share.  They can give you an idea what it will be like to live with your child.  They can also encourage you to hang in there, knowing that bright sunny days and joyful moments are ahead.  The sorrow you are feeling today will fade…even if your baby passes to heaven, we want to share your sadness.

Q. How can I find families to choose from who are willing to take my special needs baby?

A.  View waiting families and contact

us by e-mail or by calling

(208) 267-1491. Please take a few

minutes to view the adoptive

families in the View Waiting Families

portion of our Website — each has

a special message just for you.

We believe that each and every

baby is a precious gift from God.

The Lord has blessings that we cannot comprehend ahead for choosing to give our baby life, in spite of dire recommendations from the medical community. You do have a choice, but your baby does not. Can we imagine for a moment what our baby would choose?

Q. How do I arrange a private adoption?

A.  A private adoption is legal in all states except Connecticut, Delaware, Massachusetts and Minnesota. Look for an adoption attorney that will not charge you money if you decide not to place your special needs baby after all. Some states allow adoptive parents to pay your side of the fees, but have your attorney contact the adoptive family first.  CHASK can help you find a pro-life lawyer in your state. (208) 267-1491  or contact the American Academy of Adoption Attorney’s (805) 962-0988.  Consider Legal-Aid. This is a service provided by most communities (usually at the local university law school) for those who cannot afford a private lawyer.

May God bless you in your search for His will for you and the tiny baby the Lord is fashioning inside you.

Isaiah 44:2  Thus says the Lord who made you and formed you from the womb, who will help you. Do not fear….

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