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Swaffer Family


Our Family:

Our family consists of Dad (Simon), Mom ( Crystal), and our four sons; our twins Tristen and Asher (10), Rainen (5) and Emery (4). We have two loving, silly dogs – a golden retriever named Baylee and a terrier named Zoey.

Our Desire to Apopt:

I have felt called by God to adopt a special needs child/children my entire life. When my husband and I first met we discussed this early on as a calling to be fulfilled and he wholeheartedly agreed. We both agree that God has brought us to a good place now to move forwards with adoption!

Our Faith:

We are both born again Christians and are bringing up our sons to love and serve God first a foremost. We believe that our salvation was bought with the blood of Christ on the cross and not by our works. We believe in the Holy Trinity and that the Holy Spirit was sent to be our helper. We strive every day to honor God with our hearts, our thoughts and our actions.

Dear Birth Mom/Parents:

It’s difficult to put into words the feelings that we would like to convey having never met you yet, but we will try. We admire your openness towards exploring all the options for your child/children and your courage to think them through including the option of adoption. I have personally felt called by God my entire life to adopt a special child or children and when Simon and I were married he wholeheartedly agreed. I am a registered nurse with experience working with medically fragile children and our family feels blessed with the time, space and resource to open our hearts and home to more children. We are excited at the possibilities that the future holds and eager to meet the needs of any and all loved ones that may someday join our family.

I work part time as a nurse in a NICU and in Mother Baby. Simon is a manager at an aeronautical manufacturing facility. Our schedules minimize the need for childcare, but on the one day per week that it is needed, our wonderful friend Bethany watches the children. We homeschool and this allows us to meet individual needs for special education, pacing of academics, time to pursue interests and activities, and most importantly allows us regular family time together daily. Some of the things we enjoy as a family are homeschool co-ops, swimming, gymnastics, and music lessons. We are also members at the YMCA and attend rock climbing, dance, ninja classes and other classes offered there. We rotate activities to protect our family time in the evenings as we feel this is important to our cohesiveness as a family and our time to worship God together. With special needs children already, we appreciate the need for rest and time to reset.

We would love to get to know you, pray for you and support you in any way we can, however God guides you.

With Love,
Crystal and Simon Swaffer

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