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Smale Family


Our Family:

We are a retired pastor and wife of 3 Baptist Churches, over 35 years in ministry.. We currently do home health and my husband is a speaker and college administrator. Our first Child was born with Down syndrome in 1987. She died at age 4 due to an irreparable heart defect after surgery.

After Hannah we were told we could not have more children or it would be very unlikely… At this time we pursued adoption and the same day we got our son Jonathan we found out I was expecting! God is the miracle worker! We then had two more children and adopted 4 girls later with special needs, we also have two adult adoptive sons. Only 3 of our youngest are still at home! Two of our children are married and one is in college in California.

We would like to add to our family a girl with Down syndrome as the Lord leads. We have a loving happy family.

Our Desire to Adopt:

Due to experience and that we have been through with a special needs girl we still feel very qualified to adopt another girl to add to our family as an Ind. provider in our state for people with special needs. As well as have a great desire to help children that would not be adopted easily. We have met every challenge that has come our way with our adoptions and health challenges, and feel God has given us a heart for the children we have and feel we have the strength and the strong family bonds of love needed to take care of them. We would provide every opportunity for these children to be successful and happy.

Our Faith in Christ:

We are both born again Christians with a variety of talents and experience in ministry. Jeff has pastored 3 churches as well as administered a Christian college in his 30 plus years of ministry.

Mollie was saved as a teen ager from a Mormon background. She has vast knowledge and experience as a music teacher, speaker and counselor.

Dear Birth Mom/Parents,

Thank you for considering us as a potential family for your precious child. We are aware of how difficult this decision is and we have been praying for you as you make this decision.

Our promise to you is that we will love this child and give them everything within our power to live a happy safe and fulfilling life as well as maximizing their abilities in every way possible. Again, our thoughts and prayers for you as you make your decision.

The Adoptive family

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