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Ladden Family


Our Family:

We are a fun Christian family that loves God, life, nature and people. We like to camp, travel, play board games, movies, barbecue, and so much more. We spend a lot of time together. We also make sure to spend time by ourselves and to make time (date nights) with each child. We are not trying out parenting for the first time to see if we like it or not. We are experienced parents that really love being a part of seeing each child bloom into the wonderful person they were meant to be.

Our desire to adopt:

We are grateful to have been blessed with our children through adoption. Yet we feel that it is in our hearts for a reason to open our hearts and lives to one more child. Special needs children may reach their goals different from me, or someone else, but that is what makes their journey so special. We just retired as foster parents. During that time we had the privilege of taking care of some children that had special needs. We are very aware of the challenges and the rewards of raising a child that is unique and special.
Our Faith:

I believe we are here to be used as God’s hands and feet. All children are valuable and all children need to be loved. We have a lot of love to offer. I have a strong faith in God. I do not claim to be a particular religion. I am just someone who loves Christ. I am not perfect or better than anyone else is. I am just trying to do right and follow Christ wherever he leads me.

Dear Birth Parents:

We are excited that you are considering us to share in the life of your child. Parenting starts at the time of conception and making the best choices for you and your child is not always easy or clear. We are a very active large fun loving Christian family. We have adopted in the past and we have a deep desire to parent another child. As parents, we enjoy watching and supporting each child as they pursue their own special dreams.

We would love to have an open adoption and to form a very special friendship with you up to the point you are comfortable.

Our children are active they are involved in karate, singing, drama youth group and chess club. Although not all kids are involved in every activity. Every child is different so we believe in allowing our children to strive for their own individual dreams and goals. As a family, we love to camp I love staying in a tent but I must confess my husband prefers a hotel room. Every year we pick a different state and travel. I try to make it fun while sneaking in as much educational information in when I can. Could we be the fun loving family that you want to share in your child’s life?

So you can learn all about us, we have a Facebook page:

We look forward to talking to you,

Nikki and Bruce Ladden

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