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Anderson Family


Our Family:

We have 4 children, 2 are biological and 2 are adopted. Three of our children are living at home; Riley 17-year old biological son, Joel 13-year old son we adopted at age 8, from Second Chance, and he has Behavioral ADHD, Juan 9-year old son adopted privately at age 14 months. Elizabeth 23-year old our oldest is at medical school in Antigua; she will be a pediatric neurologist.

Scott is an amazing stay at home dad. Mom Brenda is an RN nurse consultant for a large nursing home management company in California. Brenda has an adopted special needs brother who is 26, with CP, is non-verbal, and needs total care, G-tube, and seizure disorder.

In 2014 we adopted an amazing baby with special needs sadly Amelia passed away. She was born with multiple medical issues G-tube and VP shunt right side paralyzed. She brought joy and happiness to our family we were truly blessed to have her as our daughter.

We have a 5 bedroom, 3.5 bathroom home in Northern California. We have a great charter school our boys attend. Chico offers a wide variety of outdoor activities and culture and we are 1.5 hours from Sacramento.

Our Desire to Adopt:

We believe all children should have a loving family, even if for a short time. As a nurse and mother I am well equipped to handle special needs. Our family is open to Adoption from Disruption up to 9 years old with moderate-severe special needs, our preference is 2-6 year old children and we are able to care for children with mild to moderate special needs, RAD, Autism, Food hoarding issues. We have great insurance and an amazing counselor that deals with attachment and bonding issues.

Our family is also willing to offer support and/or counsel to a Birth-Mom considering abortion or who has had an abortion. Also, to Birth-Moms/Parents considering placing their child, yet are undecided, Parent(s) who are considering disruption/respite, other parents of special-needs children.

Our Faith:

Faith is what gets us through life; through God all things are possible. We believe a family that prays together stays together.

Dear Birth Mom/Parents:

Thanks for considering our family, to raise your child. We know that this is a tough choice to make; we are here to help support you in your journey. Our boys are excited to welcome a new sibling to our home. A large extended family, and supportive church family will surround your child. We are open to as much or as little contact that you want. We have one open adoption, and feel Juan benefits form the open relationship we have with his biological family and siblings.

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