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Welch Family


Our Family:

We both work for the public school district in our town. I (Michael) work as a nutrition assistant, preparing the meals for the schools. I have also played and even coached several sports in my lifetime. I have experience being around children with special needs, especially those who are high functioning ASD. My wife, Wendy works at one of the elementary schools as a paraeducator (teacher’s assistant) specifically for students with ASD. She also teaches English as a second language online to students in China. We both met and worked at a Christian boarding school for Native American children in Arizona. I worked in the kitchen and coached sports and Wendy was a dorm parent for the middle and upper grade girls (for one school year she had 13 girls to care for without any assistance from other adults).

Our Desire to Adopt:

When we were married in 2017, we could not wait to start growing our family. However, Wendy was diagnosed in February 2018 with diminished ovarian reserve, which meant our chances of having a biological child was cut down to less than 1%. We were devastated; however, we didn’t give up.

We knew (and still know) that God has amazing plans in store for our family and it still includes OUR children….they will just be coming into our family in a different way and they may look and be a little different than what we originally thought but as scripture says “We are all created in His image.” And that alone is exciting to us

We want to have a family that is made up of unique individuals. We believe that God has amazing things in store for us to make a difference in the lives of our children…..teaching them that they are loved, valued, important and can change the world.

Our Faith in Christ:

My wife and I are very strong Christians. We are active in our church’s worship team. We spend time together in prayer and devotions daily, and we are anxious to have family devotions with our children. We believe in miracles and cannot wait to meet and welcome our kiddo (kiddos) into the Wyoming Welch family to make up our tribe! We want our children to know the same love in Christ that we do and we will do our best to instill that into our children.

Dear Mom/Parent:

Thank you for taking the time to read about us. We truly understand that it is difficult to have to make such a big decision for your child and yourself; however, we know that you are acting out of love for your child. We want you to know that you and your child (or children) are being prayed for right now, even though we do not know you or your situation. God loves you so much and He wants you to know that YOU ARE VALUABLE, IMPORTANT and LOVED NO MATTER WHAT!!!!!

My wife, Wendy and I have always desired to be parents but due to infertility issues, we are unable to have biological children. However, our desire to be parents has not changed because of this diagnosis. We believe with all of our hearts that EVERY child is born into this world with a purpose and we want to nurture and love them as if they were our own biological child, giving them the encouragement and “push” in life to truly CHANGE THE WORLD! God has blessed us and we want to pass that same blessing onto our children.

We live in beautiful Cody, Wyoming (only 56 miles east of Yellowstone National Park). We enjoy exploring the great outdoors, going to Yellowstone National Park several times a year, taking pictures, traveling, playing board games and card games, cooking, sports and hanging out with our family and friends. Michael’s family lives in Iowa and we visit them once a year (at Christmas) and Michael’s parents visit us here in Cody every summer. We video call Michael’s parents a lot, nearly every day to stay connected. Wendy’s parents live here in Cody and we get to see them often. Every Sunday after church, we get together and have a family meal together and play games. Plus, we do other fun things together. Our families are VERY supportive of our adoption journey and are MORE than ready to welcome our child into our family……there is no doubt that they will be spoiled by Nini and Poppy (Wendy’s parents), Grandma and Grandpa (Michael’s parents), as well as Uncle Christopher, Auntie Kathrine, cousin Blakely and the rest of our family.

Thank you for taking the time to “meet” us and consider us as parents for your very special child (children). Please know that we truly want you to feel loved by us, God and your child. Your child will always know that you love them and that you wanted what was best for them.

-Michael and Wendy Welch

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