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Garcia Family


Our Family

We are Strong foundational Jesus followers! We are a family humbled by the love of our Father. Daughters hazel (5) and ivy (3 in Jan) attend Christian day school while Mom works part time from home as esthetician. Mom is also a youth group leader at church and plays a large role in youth mentoring 1-2 x a week.
Mom (me:)) feels that she was called to adopt special needs children, since she was a little girl and has worked for many years with children with Down syndrome. Father works as manager of local heating and cooling company. He became a christian 7 years ago and is most amazed at the father son personal relationship with Jesus that he never knew he could have! Father is calm, grounded and wisdom filled. Very kind to others. We are imperfect people saved by grace. And would love to add another child to the quiver.

Our Desire to Adopt

I (Katlyn/mom) have always dreamed of adopting special needs children, and told my husband when we were married that this was part of the package. I was raised around and worked many years with children with Down syndrome. I also mentor Down syndrome children at church. I truly believe that the Lord plants the desire in our hearts early on, as an encouragement and the desire to follow, to glorify him and his kingdom!
My husband is so patient, tender and kind. Very simple no strings attached and could possibly handle having 20 children if he could! My biggest joy is teaching my girls kindness and to love others like Abba father. While knowing always that Jesus is truly the best parent, we believe that He will honor our adoption. Also our church is very adoptive and we have great community support and special needs schools in walking distance from our home (Meyer center)

Our Faith

Jesus is the love of my life! I became a Christian at around 6 years old and rededicated my life fully to Him 7 years ago after years of depression and addiction due to shame. He was with me through it all and pulled me out of literal death . My husband was a solid rock during this time too. He became a Christian after he saw the miracle of redemption happen in my life! We now attend and are strongly involved in a local non denomination Christian church in Greenville, SC 3x a week. Youth group, bible studies and church are the most life giving activities in our lives! Our girls see the joy of the Lord and the movement of the Holy Spirit in our home!

Dear Birth Mom/Parents

You are loved! You are cherished and you have purpose! May this note be an encouragement, comfort and reminder of your value in Father God. From one imperfect and new every morning mama, I am here to tell you, I understand the hardships of motherhood and life in general. I deeply feel the cries of sorrow and laughs of joy and the conundrum of how they intermingle in a mommy. As an esthetician with my own business, I am able to witness and encourage clients in a Godly way and have witnessed healing and peace from the women who come to see me! What a true gift to lead others to the feet of Jesus. May we all know that lowly, before his throne is the sweetest place to be. Oh how He loves us. Oh how he adores you!

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