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Harkins Family



Our Family:

Pamela is a certified special education teacher but was given the opportunity a couple of years ago to be a stay at home mom for her kids and be there for her family. Derik is a certified EMT and farms our family farm. Our daughter Kirsten is 16, and is currently enrolled in school. She is actively involved in the choir and the MCJROTC program through the school. Our son Devon is 19, he has been diagnosed with ADHD and seizures, and graduated in May 2019. He currently still lives at home with us and helps Derik out on the farm. We are very family oriented and love spending time together as a family whether it is chilling at home, having family game night, going bowling or to the movies, or just being outside, we love to be together as a family. We are active members of our church and feel that our relationship with God is the most important thing.

Our Desire to Adopt:

With Pamela working with special needs children she has always had a love for children with special needs and that has only grown. Derik has the same heart for these children and has a different perspective because he was born with a cleft lip and palette. They both want to provide a loving home for them. Derik and Pamela both have prayed about this decision to adopt a child with special needs and they both feel like this is what God has called them to do.

Our Faith:

Derik and Pamela are both very strong in their faith and feel that God is the most important in their lives and their family. They both strive to keep God in the center of their family and their relationship. Their family is actively involved in different areas of their church and want to help others know the love that God has for them. All of Derik and Pamela’s families are also very strong Christians. They were both raised in a Christian home and strive to provide that same loving Christian environment to their kids.

To A Loving Mother/Parents:

We want to first thank you for considering us to raise your precious angel and for the unselfish act of love that you have for them. As we sat down and thought about the adoption process, we thought about the courage and strength you have to make this difficult decision.
Mostly we think about the amount of love you have for your baby. We can only imagine the emotions you are feeling while making your decisions, but we know you love your baby and want the best for him or her. We have the utmost respect for you. In our eyes you are an Angel that is allowing our dream to come true.
Your precious Angel will grow up knowing how much you love them and how special they are because you and God choose us to be their parents. Your child will never be told a negative image of you, instead we want them to know how much you love and care for them.
Both of our families are anxiously waiting to welcome a new baby into our family and hearts. We are praying for you and for your baby every day. If you choose us to be his or her parents, they will be raised in a Christian family filled with lots of smiles, giggles, hugs, kisses, and love.
Thank you for considering us and giving us the opportunity to express our desire to raise, encourage, and love on your baby. To us, you will always be a special Angel!

With Love,
Derik and Pamela

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