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Gunderson Family


My Family:

We are a family of two right now. My youngest daughter and I live in a beautiful neighborhood in Minnesota, I adopted her from Russia. She has RAD, CP, ODD, anxiety disorder. She was born at 1.9 pounds, 24 weeks premature, with failing kidneys, but is doing very well today.
My oldest child is 24 and was very premature as well at birth. I had a biological daughter pass away from heart failure in 2005, at the age of 7
I am a health Care corporate professional with a lot of experience in the needs of special children. I am also a foster parent for the State of Minnesota, in Anoka County.

My Desire to Adopt:

I have a great success rate with helping children. I am able to give a special child what they need with the best medical care available. They need homes and a family who can support them to their fullest potential. I love being a parent in general. My children have defeated the odds they were given and gone beyond thriving, happy and successful.
I am open to adoption, guardianship, Respite, for children — Under 10-years old I would prefer children 0-4 years old with mild to moderate special needs, I may also be interested in sibling groups.

My Faith in Christ:

My faith is very strong. I know with my past experiences of losing a child and adopting, that God is with me on this journey. He has guided me to these children. I was raised in a close Christian family. My uncle was a pastor, and I attended bible camp growing up many summers. I know God has been with me on my journey with my losses, and has been my strength through out my life.

Dear Birth Mom/Parents:

I want you to know that I am here for you , to support you in any decision you make or questions you have . I know what you are going through is very difficult and confusing for you right now. The promises I can make to you if you choose our family to adopt your child is this : I can promise you that I will always support you, and your decisions. That you will always be their parents as well. I am just here to help raise an amazing special child that God decided needed 2 sets of parents.
I lost a child to heart failure at the age of 7. My life was shattered at one point. Adopting my special needs daughter from Russia has taught me how to love to my fullest potential and that God gave me. She is my treasure along with my oldest daughter . I know you will ultimately choose your child’s family . Please know that I will dedicate everything I have to your child . I am here for any questions through this decision. Much love and God Bless — The Gundersons

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