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Keim Family


Our Family:

We are a close family of 6, and we Love doing things together! We met 14 years ago, and have been happily married 12 years, we are BEST friends! Together we love raising our 4 children. They are a huge blessing, we love them all equally and take them with us every where we go if possible.

Nathan does concrete work and has worked there for 15 years, he works hard and enjoys it. I am a stay at home mom and love to care for our children and home. Our oldest son is 11, he loves spending time outdoors, his Dad is his hero. Faith is 9 and is a huge help around the house if I need her, she can not wait for a new baby brother or sister to help care for, to love and protect her/him , her whole life. Our son Christian is 6, he is a peacemaker and would be lost without his siblings, he will be an awesome big brother. And our sweet cuddly 3 year old, Lena, is a happy girl and daily prays for a little baby with Down syndrome. Our family is a gift from God and we hope to complete it with a special gift from God!

Our Desire to Adopt:

Our hearts have always been touched, being around these special people, our longing to adopt a child with Down syndrome is huge in our hearts! And we believe it will make our family complete. We both grew up with people who had special needs and we are familiar with all the resources our child would need. People with Special needs is what we grew up with and we have learned “ it makes a heart bigger and fuller of LOVE, they make us better people.”
Our family is hoping to adopt a child 0-2 years old, with Down syndrome, that is what we are familiar with and have prepared for.

Our Faith In Christ:

Our Faith in Jesus Christ is very important to us, without it we could not face the daily challenges of life. We pray daily and listen to him through his words and hope to grow stronger and closer each day. We trust his guidance and need his strength each day! We want Jesus to hold our family together and lead us by the hand, ALWAYS.

Dear Birth Mom/Parents:

We are greatly honored, that you are taking the time to take a look into our life and getting to know what kind of people we are. It’s hard to put my feelings in to words, for our longing for a baby with Down syndrome to call our own is hard to describe, because our longing is huge and real, also the ache in my heart at knowing that my great joy will bring you great loss and grief.

However it brings me comfort to think that we would LOVE to be honest and open and HOPE to become great friends, because never in a lifetime will we be able to Thank YOU enough… for caring and nurturing this child and lovingly bringing her/him into the world, for us! The greatest gift of selfless LOVE! So not only will your child be a part of our life, but you will too, for you are a part of her/him! I pray that this can bring you comfort as you make the most difficult decision a mother has to make.

If you think we look different from the rest of the world, please feel free to ask ANYTHING you are wondering about, we will be very happy for you to get to know us. For really we are just a loving family, both raised in a Christian home, we love our way of living and truly enjoy the simple joys and peace in our lives.

Our lives are surrounded with family and friends, both Amish and non Amish, which makes it easy for us to stay in touch with you, through our friends technology, though we do have email and cell phones, just not internet at our home. We have close friends who have adopted children with Down syndrome and my husband also grew up with a cousin who had Down syndrome, he has since passed on to heaven, now we realize how much we miss his sweet and stubborn ways, we have got to know a lot of families with a child that has Down syndrome and we have done a lot of reading and research to prepare to raise our own precious child, should we be considered and chosen, to love their child forever, with all our hearts!

Our hearts are bursting with that love, waiting to pour it into a sweet precious child! Our greatest desire is that you can find true peace in your heart, with the family you choose! Praying for you, and please know that Jesus LOVES you and cares for you and so do WE!

Yours Truly, Nathan and Ines

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