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Kathy Cudmore


My Family

My name is Kathy and I am blessed to be Mom to 15 wonderful children. The children are 11 to 35 years old. Currently I have only 2 minor children living at home and one adult daughter age 21, who lives next door on our land. My children are much like a patchwork quilt that I have sewn together with love. Blessed I am to have 3 biological daughters, 2 nephews, 5 adopted sons and 5 adopted daughters. My nephews are a gift from my only sibling, my brother (a sad story of parents and drugs). My adopted children, 8 are from the state foster care: sibling group of 4, sibling group of 3, twins, 1 teenage child from a disrupted state adoption placement (not finalized), 1 single child over 9. One teenage child from a private adoption, a disruption. The children I have adopted were between the ages of 3 and 17 at the time of adoption. My nephews were 1 and 5 when my brother asked me to care for them.

Thanks to my adult children I am now the proud grandmother of 15 grandchildren… ages 6 months to 15 years.
Over the years I have been a biological, single, foster, step, adopted and guardianship parent. During my adult life I have been very involved with all my children activities.

Happily I have worked in many various jobs; girls scouts, 4H, teaching, volunteering, child care, cooking in public schools, janitorial work, driving school buses, excavating ( driving equipment to dig ), I carry a CDL with endorsements, livestock, retail sales, flea markets and craft fairs.
Currently and for the past 25 years have been self-employed (often taking on temporary substitute positions) allowing me the flexibility needed to care for my children.

Since 1988 I have been primarily homeschooling my children. Today, I use Rod and Staff for our base teaching curriculum. Alpha Omega for some of my high school subjects, other materials are also used to expand and re-teach whenever needed. Regularly, I introduce the children to the technology as they are ready or as needed. Life skills as well job skills are taught throughout the day on the farm or while going to work with me (a plus when self employed).

We live in the beautiful Ozarks of south west Missouri on an 80 acre farm. We raise rabbits, chickens, goats, a garden and a few ducks. We enjoy trout fishing, swimming, picnics and family field trips to interesting places. Most of my adult children live within one hour of my home and we see them now and then. Two adult daughters and their family’s live very close visiting very often.

One of my daughters and her husband is living just 15 minutes away. They are also newly adoptive parents. The family is also a Homeschooling (elementary age) family joining us in many activities.

My Desire to Adopt

I have room in my heart and home for more children. Through my support system, my family and I all have so much to offer a child. Besides music, books, animals, hugs, conversations, schoolwork, chores, guidance, friendship, but also family. Here everyone helps each other, I never force anyone, they just volunteer.

Sometimes I feel selfish, mostly because I truly love being a mom. More so, I have forever felt led towards adopting, wanting to open my arms and doors to children since I was a girl of 14. My desire is to share my heart with the children who may benefit from the sanctuary of the farm (more of a old time homestead) and the therapeutic friendships with the animals. There are times when a child can bury their face in the fury neck of their best friend and just cry….or maybe follow the lead of a curious little goat as she investigates the pasture on a warm spring day, and feel their troubles melt away.

I have experience with many special needs; FAS, ADHD/ADD, Autism, sensory disorder, developmental delays, physical delays, educational delays & challenges, language barriers, hard of hearing, lazy eye, eye tracking problems, speech delays, eating issues, bed wetting past age 5, moderate behaviors, RAD mild/moderate, ODD, scoliosis mild/severe (required surgery), twisted tibulas (lower leg bones required surgery), premature births, low birth weight, failure to thrive, cognitive delays, disabled adult, sibling placement/adoption, twins, teen placement/adoption. I am open to 0-8 year old children with mild to moderate special needs, and 9+ years old with moderate to severe special needs.

My Faith in Christ

I am a Non-denominational conservative Christian, following the King James Biblical teachings, I dress conservative (sewing many of the dresses for the girls) and choose to live more simply, but not reclusive or isolated.

Dear Birth Mom/Parents

Today is a most difficult day for sure and for certain….. I would love to offer you a hug. Know that God will surly guide you through this trying time. Some times we are the carriers of a torch, now may be the time to pass that torch on. Raising children in difficult times is not an easy task no matter how experienced a parent is. A support system is a great help, someone to lean on. Sharing with a friend gives a parent an opportunity to sort out their thoughts. Working through feelings and worries. God knows our hearts and leads in the direction we need to travel. Give me a call one evening and let’s chat a while, I have a good ear for listening and will be happy to talk, working through your worry. Thank you very much for considering me as a possible mom for you very special angel.

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