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Mcleod  Family


Our Family:

We have big hearts and love raising children. We have four bio children and 1 adopted child and 3 children about to be adopted. Some of the challenges our children who have been in our home had or have are as follows, dermatitis, hole in heart, pika, gerd, reflux, food allergies, epilepsy, FAS, development delays, intellectually challenged, behind in school, illiterate, sexual abuse, physical abuse, bed wetting, daytime wetting. We believe in letting God show us how many children to guide.

We live on a small hobby farm where animals become like family(therapy) pets. A typical day at home, Dad leaves for work mom is at home with the children. We make breakfast feed/play with the animals. Then we sit down to school lessons weather it be outside on the grass with the goats, or inside near the fireplace, upside down, okay we do that too. We use a Christian based home-school curriculum. After lunch its free time till dad gets home. Then evening chores, and making dinner together. After dinner its quietly reading books or watching a family movie before going off to bed. We take trips to grandparents, the zoo, Bass Pro Shops is a favorite, and camping. We also are involved in a family life center so lots of socialization with all age groups.

Our Desire to Adopt:

Due to medical reasons we cannot have more children and we feel our family is incomplete. We have always wanted a large family. We are open to 0-10 year old children with moderate special needs. We are also willing to offer support and/or counseling to Birth-Moms/Parents considering placing their child, yet are undecided, also other parents of special-needs children.

We have been foster adoptive parents for 4 1/2 years we have taken many parenting classes and training on behaviors. Both of us know basic ASL and have some training on beginning braille. Both sides of our family have deaf/hard of hearing, and blind/low vision. Also we have local resources for Wolfner Memorial Library for the visually impaired and in home therapy. We are also willing to be a friend to others who need support. God has led us to adopt. We are open to bi- racial. (We already have some bi-racial children).
At this time we are not open for children with severe mobility challenges as we do not feel we are equipped for that challenge at this time.

Our Faith in Christ:

We are best described as conservative Christian family. We church at home at this time. We believe in the holy trinity and there is no other before God.

Dear Birth Mom/Parents:

We understand how difficult the many challenges can be when raising children with special needs. So many ups and downs. You make some progress and take two steps forward and one step back. Let us lean on each other. We are a large family, in a loving home with a large family support network. We live close to medical facilities and school support services, and other resources. We look forward to meeting you and hope we can be friends as we all help to raise good Christian children in Gods eyes. Our thoughts and prayers go with you on this journey we will take together.

Blessings to you and yours,
McLeod family, In God whom we trust.

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