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Bozeman Family


Our Family:

My husband and I have been married 25 years. We have 4 children: 22, 19, 16, and 10. Our oldest daughter is a cosmetologist and nanny and lives on her own a couple hours away. We would like to add to our family through adoption. We believe all children are a gift of the Lord.
My husband preaches and we are very active as a family in church activities. We coach and play soccer. We enjoy singing, hiking, board and card games, and art. We have home-schooled all of our children. We have 2 German shepherds that we like to play with.

Our Desire to Adopt:

We would like to enjoy another child and have had a desire for years to adopt a child in need. We would like to bless a child with love and security and help him/her to learn about Jesus and HIS love, too! I have a degree in physical therapy although I have not practiced since the birth our or first child. I feel best equipped to handle orthopedic problems but there are other special needs we think we could do well with.
We want to be a blessing to others but I also believe we would enjoy another child. Our family is open to adoption of children 0-4 years old with mild to moderate special needs, we are also interested in sibling groups.

Our Faith in Christ:

We were raised by Christian parents who blessed us by telling us the story of Jesus since we were babies. They took each of us to worship the Lord and read the Bible in our homes since we were small. We became Christians fairly young. My husband decided to preach in his mid-twenties and is now 53. We are very active in teaching the Word of God in the U.S. and Brazil. We both speak Portuguese.

Dear Birth Mom/Parents:

Deciding to give life to a child in difficult circumstances takes great courage. It is a decision I believe you will be blessed by God for. God has a purpose for each of us even before we are born. Our Father in heaven promises to help and strengthen those who will turn to Him for help. Please bless your child with life. Ask for help. Look for answers. Don’t give up. If my family can help, we would love to.
We have been praying for the Lord to bring us an opportunity to serve HIM and bless a child. We would be blessed by having a child to love and enjoy. We would also ask you to consider some degree of openness in adoption. This could be a blessing by allowing you to know that your child is thriving but also can allow your adopted child a line of communication and fill gaps they may feel they have as he/she grows and matures. All parties involved need to work to feel comfortable with how often and what type of contact is made, but we have read about some benefits to everyone by being honest and working to help the child (and birth parents) feel whole. God bless you as you consider what is best for you and your child. Thanks for reading this!

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