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Beckstein Family


Dear Birth Parent(s),

Thank you for considering our family for your child. The decision to place a child for adoption has to be a very difficult one, and we can’t begin to understand what you must be going through. Please know we pray for all of those in your situation and hope that you will find peace whatever your decision will be.

Here’s a bit about us: We are a very close-knit family who believe in traditional values but yet love to have fun and be silly. Kirk and Julie have been married nearly 24 years but, wow, it has gone by quickly!! We have been blessed with 3 sons and a daughter through adoption. Our oldest two sons are biological, however, there truly is no difference between our adopted and our biological children. Each of them fill our days with love and laughter and their own unique talents and wonder.

How did we meet? We went on a blind date and liked one another from the first moment we met. We truly are best friends and spend a great deal of time together. We are both close to our extended families and feel truly blessed to have such great people in our lives. We are just normal parents who do our very best to raise kind and loving children. Our greatest goal is that we raise kids who are kind to others and proud of who they are….no matter what they decide to do in their lives.

Kirk works as a Special Education Teacher and as an Investor. His schedule allows him to help with homework and also take the children to and from school on occasion. It’s wonderful as he is always around if one of the boys wants to show off a good test score or how well they can kick the soccer ball. Kirk’s hobbies include working on old cars and tractors, farming, and reading about historical events. He is very tall (6’4) but is one of the
most gentle people that Julie has ever known. He adores children and is very patient and nurturing. Kirk has a degree in Journalism and recently graduated with his Masters in Special Education.

Julie is a Stay-At-Home Mom and loves being home with the children. Julie’s hobbies include riding dirt bikes, scrap-booking and cooking. Julie loves to watch cooking shows and tries to recreate some of the dishes. Sometimes this works, sometimes we wind up with take-out! :) Julie also loves reading and music. We recently beat Rock Band 3 on X-Box as a family and are VERY PROUD! Julie has a degree in Criminology, Human Resource Management and also Elementary Education. Both Kirk and Julie have been active in Big Brothers/Big Sisters and still keep in touch with our matches….even though they are now grown and in their twenties.

Our children are Thomas (22), Henry (19), Rory (16), Sam (8), Savannah (6) and Isaac (2). Our two oldest boys are both away at college. All of our kids love reading, sports, and animals. They often are found outside looking for frogs or playing tag. Savannah just likes to hang out with people and loves to smile!! We love having a big family and the kids love always having a playmate at their side! Together as a family, we love to take long walks and go on picnics. We also have dirt bikes and a Gator that we love to drive back through our woods to a noisy creek. We love old car shows and attend many local festivals and other events. Holidays are huge around our house! We decorate for every holiday from Valentine’s Day to Christmas. We always eat supper together as a family and talk about our daily activities. Each night, Kirk and Julie spend time reading to the children, saying prayers, and tucking them into their beds.

We live in a wonderful neighborhood filled with families of all ages and races. Our home is a large log cabin on about 42 acres of land. There is plenty of room to run and play. We also have a swimming pool out back along with a giant swing set, playground and playhouse. We have quite a few animals running around. Our two dogs are Babs and Cammie and we also have tons of cats. Our schools are top notch and the kids are doing really well.

We attend church often. We want our children to have a strong moral upbringing and try to always instill in them a good sense of right and wrong. We always want our children to be confident and happy in their lives. There are also some Sunday mornings where we like to sleep in and just cook pancakes and bacon and be lazy in our pajamas, too.

Our Faith in Christ:

We are a family of believers in Christ and know that he saved us all from our sins. The children know Him and we pray together. We believe that Christ is our Savior. He died for our sins and without him there is no life. He is the Way, the Truth and the Life!!

Our Desire to Adopt:

We have 3 children with special needs and have the hearts and the ability to take care of another child or children.

We would love to become parents to your child. We give you our most heartfelt promise that he or she will always receive unconditional love and support. We would always keep you a part of our lives if you so desire, too. We understand the importance of open adoption.

Thanks so much again for your time. We will keep you in our prayers and hearts.

May God Bless You,
Julie and Kirk

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